STRUM's first "leather sandal" emphasizing design and comfort

STRUM's first "leather sandal" emphasizing design and comfort

Sandals are shoes that give a seasonal and active look to summer coordinates

Sandals come in a variety of styles.
There are sports sandals, flip-flops, leather sandals, Gurkha sandals, and many others, but in general, sandals can create an active style.

This time, STRUM's first Silky Velour & Tempesti Elbamat Oil Bucket Leather Sandals This time, we introduce the " Silky Velour & Tempesti ElbaMatt Oil Bucketta Leather Sandals!

Silky Velour & Tempesti Elvamat Oil Baketta Leather Sandals" are designed for design and comfort.

The particularities (1)

The upper part of the sandal is made of steer finished in short velour, and the belt part is made of Elbamat from the prestigious Italian tannery Tempesti, giving the sandal a high-quality and classy atmosphere.

Special attention to detail (2)

Elvamat is a material used for horse harnesses, etc. because of its fine fibers and high durability. Bens The leather is tanned with vegetable tannin and oiled well to give it a texture that feels as if it is soft and comfortable to the touch.

Special care (3)

The upper is overlapped from both sides and fastened with Velcro, allowing even those with a high instep to wear them stress-free. Ease of wear and fit have also been taken into consideration.

Attention to detail ④.

The sole uses Vibram sole #2060 (3cm thick), which provides good cushioning and less stress on the heel, which is common in sandals.
The foot-insertion area is flat with good cushioning, so anyone can wear them comfortably.
The soles can also be replaced for long-term use.

Leather sandal outfit 1: Combine the colors of the sandals with the outfit to create a unified styling.

It is important tounify the colors of leather sandals and outfits to create a sense of unity so that the sandals do not stand out from the rest of the outfit.

If you feel that there is a big gap between the image of the leather sandals and the image of your outfit, matching them in the same color will wipe away the awkward impression and brush up your styling with a sense of unity.

In particular, black will create a stylish atmosphere.
In this coordination, the inner T-shirt is a rock T to avoid a heavy look.

Leather sandals outfit 2: Fresh white TShirt & &.Jeans style with a modern look

A white T-shirt and used jeans are a refreshing summer look.
The appeal of white items is that they can create a sense of freshness and cleanliness, but on the other hand, too much use of the same tone in styling can give a stale impression.

In such cases, black items such as black leather sandals, a black leather belt, and black sunglasses can be used in various parts of the outfit to create a crisp, tight look.

The leather sandals also have the advantage of covering a large area of the instep, giving the sandals a loose feel without being too rough.

Leather sandals with cropped pants to accentuate the loose leg and create a light impression

This time of year, it is best to wear leather sandals with ankle-length pants to accentuate the loose leg and create a light impression.
If the length is too long, it is correct to roll up the pants to adjust the balance.

As in this coordination, cropped jeans and a white T create a casual summer look. Here If you bring sports sandals, you will look like a child.
The texture and atmosphere of leather is what makes it possible to create an exquisite look.

Enjoy Fashion!

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