3 denim shirts, coordinated!

3 denim shirts, coordinated!

Denim shirts that can show off masculinity in styling

Originally a workwear item, the denim shirt can be styled with a masculine appeal.
One of its charms is its versatility, as it can be used as outerwear or as innerwear for riders.

In this issue, we focus on the "denim shirt," and introduce the coordination and tips on how to wear it!

Coordination 1: Rigid denim shirt with skinny pants

The rigid denim shirt is paired with slim skinny pants to create a coordinated look that accentuates the sense of size between the top and bottom.

While faded denim is attractive, it is also good to wear dark blue denim that has not faded yet for a chic look.

The denim shirt worn will be available soon.

The dark indigo of the rigid denim shirt turns a casual shirt into a calm and mature shirt.

Coordination 2: Elevate your men's coordination with a denim shirt that can be worn as an outer layer.

Among the many shirt items, denim shirts are the best for wearing as outerwear.
Especially with western-style denim shirts, you can wear them over a T-shirt with a print on it.

For a more modern look, choose a denim shirt with a slightly loose fit as shown in this coordinate.
Slim biker pants give a stylish impression.

Coordination 3: Add a bit of martial nuance to your coordination with a denim shirt.

This coordinate adds a martial nuance with a denim shirt to the tight straight jeans with horsehide parts beaten into it.

The denim shirt can be worn as a jacket when the front is open, as a top when the front is closed, or sometimes wrapped around the waist, expanding the range of ways to dress and coordinate.

The denim shirt shown will be available soon.

A large cross necklace accentuates the dark navy rigid denim, black denim and black leather knee patches, which are heavy in tone.
The shirt with the front closed adds a clean look to the coordinate.

Enjoy Fashion!

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