Three reputable leather jacket models -BurningDyed- HI-FLYER Edition

Three reputable leather jacket models -BurningDyed- HI-FLYER Edition

Burning Dyed "HI-FLYER", one of the popular leather jacket models from the 2022 S/S collection, is PICK UP!

From the 2022 S/S collection, we are releasing one of the most popular leather jacket models, " HI-FLYER ".
We would like to introduce a new color for this season: a standard BLUE color called STRUM BLUE.

Characteristics of Burning Dyed HI-FLYER ①: The face of STRUM. Burning Dyed - Product Burning Dyed A new model of leather jacket with the ultimate experience of burning.

The Burning Dyed series is a series of leather jackets that have experienced burning through STRUM's unique process of spraying a mixture of highly concentrated alcohol and dyes and dyeing them while they burn.

This time, the HI-FLYER in BLUE, which was highly reputed before, is released in a new color and model (mold).

The burnt dye is fixed to create a unique shade and irregularity, and you can enjoy the color change over time to make it your own unique leather jacket.

Characteristics of Burning Dyed HI-FLYER (2): New double riders made in the image of vintage riders

New design never seen before, front zipper with diagonal, large and sharply angled collar, American studs on pocket fasteners, pockets on inside front placket, and many other gimmicks!

The left and right pockets are for the right hand only, while the inside pockets can be used with the left hand. The zippers are made by RACCAGNI CHIUSURE LAMPO of Italy, which is unchanging, and ball zips are not used.

Features of Burning Dyed HI-FLYER (3): The front zip can be opened, closed, or turned up to give a completely different impression.

The main feature of the HI-FLYER is that opening, closing, and turning up the collar of the front zip gives it a completely different impression than other riders.

In particular, by turning up the large, sharply angled collar, you can enjoy a two- or three-faceted look, while still retaining the chinstrap hidden in the back, which serves as a wind shield.

Enjoy Fashion!

     STRUM STAFF Ryoko

Model: 178cm/55kg

STL067-05 (Wearing size M)

STC140-01 (size M)

STJ002-TS05 (Wearing size 32 inches)