Summer Jeans Coordination Special!

Summer Jeans Coordination Special!

Summer Coordinates Using Jeans, a Steel-Plate Item

Jeans are a steel plate item for men, and everyone has at least one pair. Because they are a staple item and can be used all year round, you can enjoy wearing them with a seasonal feel from time to time.

This time, we will focus on "summer jeans coordination" and introduce three outfits using STRUM JEANS!

Coordination 1: Summer men's coordinate of blue jeans rolled up to ankle length with an oversized white T-shirt

Blue jeans and a crew-neck white T-shirt are considered the royal roadmap for casual summer coordination.
The blue jeans adjusted to ankle-length are updated with an it-item oversized white T-shirt.

The relaxed silhouette expresses a modern look.

The faded blue color of the jeans gives a refreshing and clean look to the summer coordination.

Coordination 2: White jeans and black and gray dot shirts give the summer monotone coordinate a clean look.

White denim that does not make you feel hot and bothered is combined with a black and gray dotted shirt to create a light and clean summer monotone coordinate.

White is the color that shows off the potential of summer among jeans, and the slim skinny jeans with a clean silhouette create a cleaner image.

To add a stylish touch to the clean look, brightly colored sunglasses are a good choice.

Coordination ③: Wide-leg jeans for a cool, relaxed look

Wide-leg jeans that don't stick to the bottom and bare skin are coordinated with sandals. The cool, loose-fitting footwear creates an outfit that does not make you feel hot and bothered.
When wearing sandals, it is essential to lightly roll up the hem of the jeans to prevent them from looking sloppy.

By wearing a roomy, loose-fitting dowel shirt as a top, you can create an urban, yet resort-like look.

The karami weave fabric, which twists and twists threads to create a lace-like pattern, is both soft to the touch and breathable, making it a perfect item for midsummer.

Enjoy Fashion!

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