Summer Jeans Codes Vol.2

Summer Jeans Codes Vol.2

The second summer coordination using jeans, a steel plate item

There are many types of jeans. Not only do they vary in color, but even the royal indigo color varies in appearance depending on the way the color fades, from rigid to bleached.

This time, we focus on "summer jeans coordination" and introduce three ways to wear STRUM JEANS!

Coordination 1: Damaged jeans with repaired lining to make the coordination more mature without showing any skin

Damaged jeans with lining and stitches that do not expose the skin are an excellent item that maintains the dignity of an adult. They are edgy, yet clean, so they are smartly styled without looking childish.

The shirt worn as an inner layer is A geometric pattern is pressed onto a tone-on-tone check fabric, adding expression to the surface of the fabric. Even in a casual coordination of a check shirt and damaged jeans, the use of an item with fine details adds a mature feel to the outfit. This item can add an adult feel to a casual outfit.

Centennial damaged denim with elaborate repair work gives it a premium look that is perfect for adults.

Coordination 2: Stretchy black skinnies with a used finish will style up your summer jeans coordinate.

If you want to make your casual off-duty style stylish, you should coordinate with black as a basic color.
Match stretchy, used black skinnies with a simple, perfectly sized black T-shirt, and choose black high-cut sneakers for the feet to elevate your summer jeans coordinate to a cool new level.

The all-black coordinate is not too heavy, but light, thanks to the choice of used black skinny jeans.

Coordination (3): Adult casual jeans style combining one-washed cropped jeans and a hoodie with cut-off sleeves

Cropped jeans that maintain the fearless and clean look of indigo denim are paired with a hoodie with cut-off sleeves.
One-washed jeans with a different image from slashed, frayed, or damaged denim and a sleeveless hoodie with a loose silhouette complete the casual jeans style for adults.

Don't miss the belt flashed to avoid the monotony of denim and sweatshirt hoodie, and the logger boots matched with the folded hem of the jeans.

Enjoy Fashion!

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