Pick up a reputable model from STRUM JEANS!

Pick up a reputable model from STRUM JEANS!

STRUM JEANS is a slim from the standard model!

STRUM JEANS is known for the high degree of perfection of each and every denim, from the precision of material selection to sewing, processing, and dyeing.

This time, we introduce two standard models from STRUM JEANS!

Standard model 1: 12.5oz Organic Cotton Stretch Denim TIGHT JOE Tight JOE Tight Straight Used - INDIGO

First of all, we would like to introduce TIGHT J OE, a slim straight denim, which is available in indigo and black.

This is a standard model of STRUM JEANS that shows the aesthetics of the STRUM brand, which is particular about the selection of materials and manufacturing methods.
The STJ001-TS02 picked up this time uses 12.5 oz. denim. It uses a natural uneven yarn made from a mix of organic virgin cotton from Turkey and organic fallen cotton from India. The use of 2% polyurethane makes the denim look like stretch denim at first glance, but it provides non-stress comfort even in a tight silhouette.

Core yarns are used for the sewing threads, and the old model's texture and feel are unique to the denim, and the more you wear it, the more you can enjoy the tasteful expression that only denim can provide.

The silhouette is slim and straight. The hem is slightly tapered so that the hem does not taper into the inside of the heel when wearing sneakers or sandals.

It inherits the foundation of the previous denim pants, one of which is the back turn over. The cut is rounded from the hip to the inside of the leg for a beautiful leg effect.
Theprevious design had a shallow and aggressive crotch, but now the crotch is a little deeper and more stable around the waist.

Standard Model ②: 11oz Organic Cotton Stretch Denim SKINNY JOHN Skinny One-washed - BLACK

A one-wash black skinnydenimwith a chic, urban look: SKINNY JOHN. In this respect, STJ002-SN01 is a model strongly recommended for those who want to enjoy the texture of deep black for a long time, as the weft is dyed deep black with sulfide dye, which is dyed by cheese dyeing to the core of the yarn to keep the beautiful black color.

The use of straight yarn made of organic cotton from Turkey and 2% polyurethane provides sufficient stretch and comfort in spite of its tightness.

The lightweight 11 ounce weight and excellent stretch and kickback properties make it easy to wear for a long time without losing its shape, such as at the knees.

This is also the slimmest model of STRUM JEANS.
The crotch is the same size as the TIGHT JOE , but it is narrower from the knee down to the hem.

Enjoy Fashion!

Model: 178cm/55kg



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STL061-06 ( size M)

STJ003-OG01 (Wearing size M)

STC144-02 (size M)

STJ001-TS02( Wearing size 30 inches)

STJ002-SN01 (Wear size 30 inches)




STB006-01 (Wearing size 27cm)