Pick up a reputable model from STRUM JEANS Vol.2

Pick up a reputable model from STRUM JEANS Vol.2

Selected recommended models from STRUM JEANS!

STRUM JEANS is known for the high quality of its denim, from the precision of material selection to the sewing, processing, and dyeing of each piece of denim.

This time, we would like to introduce our recommended models from STRUM JEANS!

Selected models①:12.5oz Organic Cotton Stretch Denim 1977 Regular Straight 100 Year Process - INDIGO

At first glance, 1977 is a regular straight jean with a deep crotch and a gentle taper that stands out from stretch denim.

STRUM JEANS uses electrolyzed water for dyeing, which eliminates the use of conventional cleaning chemicals and warm water, reducing the load on the material, and adopts an environmentally friendly dyeing method that reduces water pollution, soil contamination, and CO2 emissions.

This time, we chose the 100-year processing model, which is one of the most severely damaged 1977 models. The damage and repairs are repeated to create an aged look, as if the garment has been worn for 100 years.

The entire front surface has been repeatedly repaired over the years, with the fabric itself applied differently each time, in pursuit of a realistic look.
This fine craftsmanship is also expressed in the back style, where even the details of the pockets have been damaged, stained, and faded.

The item has been repaired with a cloth and is not exposed to the skin, which allows the item to maintain the dignity of an adult. While the edge is effective, a sense of cleanliness is maintained, so the item does not look childish, and the styling gives a smart impression.

Selected Model 2: 11oz Organic Cotton Stretch Denim 1977 Regular Straight Used - BLACK

This is the 1977 model, which has the same shape as the 100-year-processed model introduced in (1) above, but with a used finish that pursues the look of having been worn for many years and is finished on the elegant side without damage or staining.

Using straight yarns of organic cotton from Turkey, the color is naturally faded and the texture looks as if it has been nurtured to a light, grayish color.

As with indigo, 2% polyurethane is used, but the black has a thinner ounce, so you can experience more stretch.

The silhouette has a vintage feel with a slightly deeper inseam than the standard TIGHT JOE, a model that shows respect for the good old days.

The slimmer model has a front zipper, while the 1977 and other wide-leg models have a button fly.

Enjoy Fashion!

Model: 178cm/55kg



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