New type of "M.SLATER" has been released by adding a new process "WAX FINISH" to full tanning and pit tanning.

New type of "M.SLATER" has been released by adding a new process "WAX FINISH" to full tanning and pit tanning.

2022-23 A/W New items are coming in now!

Standard "Full Tannin Pit-Tanning Shrunk Horsehide " We have released a new type of "M.SL ATER " in a new processing "WAX FINISH" to the series.

Characteristics of leather The new "M.SLATER" is a new type of "WAX FINISH". MODEL and Fitting and three perspectives!

Full tannin Pit-tanning Shrink Characteristics of horsehide WAX-finished leather】:It dares to use only horsehide with particularly many scratches, and by shrinking it, the natural graininess of the leather is accentuated.

The leather is made from only horsehide, which has a lot of scars.

... Pit-tanning The tanning process takes a long time, using a facility called a pit tank, which looks like a huge bath filled with tannin agent.

Pit-tanning is a process in which the leather is soaked in tannin for an extended period of time, resulting in a strong and sturdy leather with a natural texture.

Pit-tanning Shrink After pit-tanning, the fabric is dyed and heated to half the normal size (from 2m to 1m) to accentuate the natural grain.

So far, we have used the standard "full tannin Pit-tanning Shrunk Horsehide".

WAX WAX Finish The leather is then heat-treated with WAX, and the WAX penetrates into the leather, giving it an even WHITE color.

Wax falls off as the leather is used, so the areas where the bite appears are black, while the wax in the scratches and grains remain white, creating a contrast between black and white.

M.SLATER: This model removes the chest pocket from the standard SLATER single-rider, and brings out the full texture of the leather.

The new"M.SLATER" removes the breast pocket from the standard SLATER model of single riders, emphasizing simplicity and bringing out the full range of leather textures.

The "M" is derived from "mutation," and by eliminating the left breast pocket of the SLATER, a new shape with a more enjoyable "wax finish" is created.

The waist is slightly narrowed with a narrow belly, and underarm gussets are placed to widen the range of motion of the arms.

Fitting Characteristic】:Fitting silhouette and size is half size bigger as same as pit-tanned shrink horsehide.

Most of STRUM's leather jackets are 8mm thick. this pit-tanned shrink horsehide WAX finish is 9mm thick.
This leather, which means in English Shrink This leather, which means "the leather of the world" in English, has density, thickness, and firmness to the touch.

It has a bony appearance, but because it is well oiled, you will also feel its elasticity and suppleness when fitting.
One point that leather enthusiasts will especially appreciate is the ability to stretch and contract the elbows. Arm wrinkles But we hope you will enjoy your own unique Change over time We hope that you will enjoy the unique

The leather is also half a size larger than our standard JAPAN OIL CALF due to the unique stitching stretching.

Enjoy Fashion!

Model: 178cm/55kg



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