Coordinates using the new full tanning pit-tanned shrink horsehide "HI-FLYER

Coordinates using the new full tanning pit-tanned shrink horsehide "HI-FLYER

Autumn outfits using "HI-FLYER", a pit-tanned, shrink-wrapped horsehide with a rugged, masculine look

Rider's jacket is the best outerwear for not too cold temperatures and can raise your masculinity by just wearing it with a simple cut and sewn.

Pit-tanned, shrink-wrapped horsehide leather has a rugged and masculine look, and the more you wear it, the more it adapts to your body, making it an excellent item that you can enjoy changing over time.

This time, we will show you how to coordinate with the new full tanned, pit-tanned, shrink-wrapped horsehide "HI-FLYER".

The star of the show is the double rider "HI-FLYER", made only from horsehide with many scratches.

This time, the new " HI-FLYER" design is the star of the coordination.

It is full of unprecedented design gimmicks such as a diagonal front zipper, a large and sharply angled collar, American studs on the pocket fasteners, and pockets on the inside front placket.

In addition, only horsehide leather with many scratches is used on a dare, and by shrinking it, the natural graininess is accentuated, creating a rugged and masculine look different from that of product dyeing.

Dressing tip 2: Match the best sized, zip-up hoodie with a leather jacket inner.

The zip-up hoodie, designed to be worn as an inner layer of a leather jacket, is an item that is very comfortable to the touch and to wear.

The hood peeking out from around the neck and the soft texture of the material add a good sense of "coolness" to the hard impression of the leather jacket.
Of course, when worn on the job, the masculinity and hardness of leather should be fully expressed. 
This time, instead of going for a royal look, we picked up a sporty and more casual approach as a way to broaden the range of outfits and coordination.

Dressing tip (3): accentuate the leather jacket by combining the bottom with sweatshirts of the same material and color.

This coordinate highlights the main character by using the same material and the same color for the inner zip-up hoodie and the bottom.
The leather jacket is in black, while the innerwear and bottoms are in olive, creating a stylish look with a strong coordinate.

The combination of leather and canvas sneakers and a leather cap create a stylish yet relaxed look.

Enjoy Fashion!

Model: 178cm/60kg



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