Cardigans for your seasonal code!

Cardigans for your seasonal code!

Excellent item cardigan that can be used as outerwear and innerwear

Cardigans are useful as mid-layers to regulate temperatures during the change of seasons when there is a temperature difference between morning and evening and daytime temperatures, and can be used as both outerwear and innerwear.

I'd like to introduce you to our new loop tweed knit long cardigan!

Coordinating Tip #1: A brightly colored cardigan and used jeans for a loose look that matches the current mood!

Long cardigans in mid to low ga uges are perfect for expressing a relaxed look and a loose silhouette, which is the key to today's styling.

A long cardigan in a bright shade of orange is worn over a tonal check shirt and paired with used jeans for an effortless look that matches the current mood.

When coordinating a patterned item, it is easy to bring the whole outfit together by adding one color to the patterned item.

Coordination 2: A cardigan that can be used as outerwear to give a casual coordinate an adult look

For a mature and relaxed look, we recommend the black color of the cardigan.

The expressive black color accented with yarn-dyed black threads knitted into the weft accentuates the mature look, and the elegant image of the cardigan is in tune with the cardigan's own characteristics, creating a beautiful impression.

It is generously sized and can be worn over a leather jacket.
An excellent item that can also be used as outerwear.

Enjoy Fashion!

Model: 178cm/60kg



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