With winter accessories, wear your leather jacket in the cold winter!

With winter accessories, wear your leather jacket in the cold winter!

What does it take to wear a leather jacket in the middle of winter?

When the maximum temperature drops below 10 degrees Celsius, the cold becomes much more intense, and we realize that midwinter has arrived. On such a bitterly cold day, we want to have items that will raise our body temperature.

In this issue, we will introduce four essential items for wearing a leather jacket in the cold winter!

Essential item 1: Stole

Scarves and stoles are probably the most important items to keep you warm.
They are essential winter items that you cannot live without from early winter to late winter. These items, which are useful throughout the winter, are a must for days with a maximum temperature of 10 degrees Celsius or lower.

Scarves, in particular, have a much larger area than scarves, so they can be used not only to wrap around the neck with volume, but also to cover the neck and shoulder area.

As a fashion item, it can add volume to an outfit or accentuate it with its color, making it more than just a winter warmer; it is an essential item that cannot be without in midwinter.

Must-have item 2: Leather boots

Compared to sneakers and shorts made of nylon or mesh, leather boots are more windproof and less likely to transmit cold air.

The engineer boots used in this coordination are especially tall, so many of them have a high height, which naturally reduces the space between the boots and the clothes, keeping the wind from blowing through and warming the feet.

Leather boots neutralize the overall balance that tends to be lost with the volume of outerwear in fall and winter, and the thickness of the sole also gives a leg-lengthening effect.

Must-have item (3): Leather gloves

Gloves, which protect hands from the cold, are not only a winter protection item but also a fashion item.

Made of Japan cowhide, which is also used in high-end golf gloves, these gloves are both strong and soft, and will ramp up your coordination.
The zipper opens and snaps shut to give it the look of a rider's jacket.

Must-have item 4: Knit cap

Knit caps not only keep you warm, but also give you a sense of the season at once.

Although knit caps are a basic item, they can also be worn with a more casual or casual look, and can be worn with a beautiful outfit to create a fashionable atmosphere.
If you choose a basic and calm dark color, it will be your go-to cap for the cold winter season.

Enjoy Fashion!

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