Long coats suitable for midwinter and techniques to keep you warm!

Long coats suitable for midwinter and techniques to keep you warm!

Long coats with thermal protection can be worn in midwinter, depending on the innerwear to be worn with them.

The temperature drops the most from the end of January to the beginning of February. What is the best way to dress for such a cold season?

In this issue, we will introduce techniques for wearing long coats and warm innerwear suitable for midwinter!

Dressing tip 1 : When choosing a coat, go for a long length that can cover up to your legs.

Long coats have the advantage of covering from the waist to the legs.
Short coats do not offer this advantage, so it is best to choose a long coat during the cold season!

The trick to wearing a long coat in a well-balanced way is to set the center of gravity of the coordination higher, such as by layering it with a shirt and the V-zone of the inner cardigan.
This will draw the eye slightly higher than the center of the coordinate axis, avoiding the heavy look that long coats tend to cause.

Dressing tip (2) A knit that keeps you warm is a must-have! Choose the thickness that matches your outerwear.

Knit sweaters are the most frequently used innerwear during this season.
The wool provides excellent heat retention, and the warmth of the wool adds to the warmth and windproofness of the leather coat to raise the temperature inside.

Knitwear is warmer than cotton T-shirts. It is recommended to use different thicknesses of fabric depending on the silhouette and warmth of your outerwear. An oversized coat with a generous body width can easily be combined with a low-gauge thick knit.

Dressing tip 3: Choose a navy long coat with noble elegance.

The navy-colored melton long coat has an elegant and noble atmosphere, different from the mode black coat or the mild-looking beige coat.

Based on European military biker coats, it has a stonier silhouette with a double-like front fit.
The size of this coat is suitable for this time of year, as it can be worn over a rider's jacket.

Among the many overcoats, this coat is suitable for formal occasions, goes well with business suits, and can be upgraded to a classy adult style in a casual coordinate. The clean silhouette can even enhance your style.

Dressing Tip 4: Use two colors to create a sense of overall unity.

When coordinating a leather jacket with a coat inner, a sense of overall unity is essential.
To achieve this, use navy for the coat and bottom and the same leather for the riders and boots to create a more cohesive look.

On windy days, you can close the lapel and make it a stand collar for better protection against the cold. The A-line silhouette creates a stylish atmosphere with a good equilibrium.

Enjoy Fashion!

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