Elevate your men's coordinate with a fur vest! Pick up the hottest coordinates!

Elevate your men's coordinate with a fur vest! Pick up the hottest coordinates!

Fur Vests" with a great presence to elevate your winter outfits

Fur vest s have a luxurious and glamorous atmosphere that elevates the winter coordinate.
It is an item that can produce a sense of elegance and fashion that is hard to find in outdoor, tech, and athletic winter outerwear.

In this issue, we focus on the fur vest and introduce three notable styling options!

Coordination (1): Make full use of layering techniques to enjoy being fashionable while keeping out the cold

Coordinates with both warmth and fashion by using the layering technique, one of the best parts of fall and winter fashion.

Metal Hook buttons and a voluminous cashmere foodie vest as an inner layer. The outerwear-on-outer layering technique adds a punch.

With a cold-weather leather rider and a warm fur vest, you can go out with peace of mind even on extremely cold days that will make you shiver.

The impactful upper body is matched with a slim-fitting SKINNY JOHN, keeping it simple, and the black coloring gives a sense of unity to the coordination.
The engineer boots make it easy to balance the voluminous fur vest.

Coordination 2: Winter GOODS add a sense of the season to the coordination

We recommend coordinating a fur vest with a calf suede shirt for days that are relatively warm in the midday sun.
The leather shirt is slightly tight, taking into account that it is worn as an inner layer, so be careful to balance the volume with the fur vest. The key to this coordinate is the use of winter GOODS to avoid a particularly cold impression.

A knit cap with a horse leather accent creates a perfect balance around the neck covered by the hood, and can add a sense of seasonality to fall and winter fashion all at once!

Leather gloves with a rider's design as a point of interest visually create warmth by concealing the skin, and enhance the mature atmosphere due to leather GOODS, which knitwear and woven fabrics do not have.

Coordination ③: Elevate your casual winter coordinate with an oversized coat and fur vest

A thick and voluminous brown fur vest is worn as an inner layer of an oversized coat to give a rich and sophisticated look to a casual winter outfit.

The large, fuzzy upper body inner layer is contrasted by a glimpse of a white long T. A fur vest with a hood as large as this one will give you a great effect of making you look smaller.

If you choose extremely oversized or bottom pants with too much of a loose-fitting silhouette, you may end up with a too-too-matchy, drab, or tacky look.

It is important to choose easy lla with a moderately wide leg to maintain a mature look, and to create a fashionable silhouette that determines the overall balance and volume, as well as the length of the jeans.

Enjoy Fashion!

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