STRUM Men's fall/winter outfits with jeans!

STRUM Men's fall/winter outfits with jeans!

What are the points to keep in mind when coordinating jeans for fall and winter?

Jeans" are a representative of casual bottoms that can be worn in all seasons, and are also useful as a casual or dressy look.

In this issue, we will introduce three fall/winter coordinates using jeans!

Coordination (1) : If you want to give the silhouette of a full-body black coordinate a boost, using small accessories is the way to go!

The all-black coordinate that is common in fall and winter can look monotonous.
Adding accessories with a sense of volume can avoid the monotonous impression. Even if the same black item is made of leather, even if you carry it normally or wear it diagonally, the silhouettes of the upper and lower body will be more balanced, inevitably resetting a flabby impression.

What is also noteworthy is the length of the inner TOPS.
In order for the slim silhouette of SKINNY JOHN not to be defeated by the leather jacket and leather bag on the upper half of the body, a balance of a length that hides the hips is the way to go!

Coordination 2: Choose dark blue rigid denim to create a chic adult atmosphere with a one-tone overall look

We would like to suggest wearing a pair of dark blue rigid denim coveralls with one-tone innerwear at the core to create a chic adult atmosphere, and a leather jacket in a deep burgundy hue to create a sense of the season.

In the case of fall and winter, the use of fewer colors and hues than in other seasons will create a visual effect and firmly establish a sense of the season.

While a summer jeans coordinate with a limited number of items must be styled in a simple manner, an autumn/winter jeans coordinate with more color and material options and a larger number of items can express depth and richness of expression even in a darker style.

The 6 OZ jeans are suitable for all seasons, and since they have a roomy size, we recommend you to wear them with an inner layer in the bottoms during this season.

Coordinates ③: If you choose damaged items, choose repair processing that does not make you look cold.

Jeans with holes that look as if they have been worn for years and crushed jeans that add a rugged essence to your outfit are perfect for creating a fashionable look, but when worn in the middle of winter, the damage can detract from the seasonal look.

However, if worn in the middle of winter, the damage can detract from the season.

One of the reasons for this recommendation is that the reduced skin exposure not only makes the jeans look more mature, but also gives a masculine look to the repaired jeans.
Also, the moderately relaxed silhouette of the 1977s makes the classic leather jacket, flannel shirt, and jeans look one step more sophisticated.

Enjoy Fashion!

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