How to wear crushed jeans!

How to wear crushed jeans!

Tight and straight for everyone!

In our previous BLOG, we predicted that punk-rock slim-fit fashion would trend in with the revival of 2000s fashion. STRUM is releasing jeans this season with a tight straight silhouette that can be accepted by everyone as long as you get the size right, plus crashes, leopard patches, and other design gimmicks.

This time, we would like to introduce the just-arrived "TIGHT JOE TIGHT STRAIGHTUsed Crushed & Repair Processed", both of which have just arrived in stock, and we will show you how to coordinate them!

Coordinates ①: Used Crushed & Repaired Roll up the jeans with used crash and repair processing for a hard finish.

The used-crash & repaired jeans in a dull hue and the horse suede double riders from "DIVINE" are worn with a white insert as an inner layer to keep the look spring-like and not too heavy. The leopard patch stands out more when the cut-and-sew is also inserted only in the front.

A suede leather jacket can be added for a more mature look.

CRASH + REPAIR is a used crash and repair process (leopard print velour) TIGHT JOE that inherits the design of the previous model, with a quilted repair process and intense stitch work, and this work is accented with leopard print velour on the left thigh pad fabric.

Normally, the roll-up is folded over 2~3 times, but this season, it is folded over once larger and balanced just at the ankle to give a fresh balance to the classic silhouette.

Coordinates ②:. Used Crash & Repair Wear used-crash & repaired jeans with a mode look!

A long-length crew-neck tee and slim straight jeans keep the axis of the coordinate tight, and a mode jacket updated to a long length emphasizes the vertical silhouette of the monotone coordinate.

A silk bandana peeks out from the neck of the jacket to accentuate the look.

The jeans are tucked into the rider's boots to create a fresh mode style that breaks the monotony and heavy look while creating a sense of escape. The white sole of the boots avoids the appearance of heaviness, and the lightness is appealing at this time of the year.

Enjoy Fashion!

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