Way to wear your skinny jeans!

Way to wear your skinny jeans!

Punk-rock slim-fit fashion is expected to trend in!

With the revival of 2000s fashion, punk-rock slim-fit fashion is expected to trend in!
Those who have stayed away from skinny jeans for a while may want to give them a try at this time.

This time, we will show you how to coordinate with the newly arrived "SKINNY JOHN Skinny Hard Used Finish"!

Coordination 1: Wear skinny jeans tucked in

Skinny jeans are stylishly coordinated, but for better or worse, they look thin, so depending on how you wear them tucked in, they may give an unintentional weak and unreliable impression.
It is best to incorporate items with a wild atmosphere into your outfits to create the mood of a dependable adult.
For example, the front is tucked in, the belt is flashed from the waist, and a BurningDyed leather jacket is chosen to add a moderately rugged accent.

SKINNY JOHN is a hard-used SKINNY JOHN that has been processed to give it a used look after being worn hard for many years. In addition to the usual realistic used finish, staining and shading have been applied to the entire garment, including the hems.

It is said that only a few people in Okayama, the sacred land of denim, can do this, and it is a gem that takes twice as much time and effort as the usual used process.

Coordination 2: Loose-fitting hoodie with skinny jeans

The leather coat " ROY" is still useful in the mornings and evenings of early spring when the weather is still cold, but to add a sense of spring to your outfit, insert a brightly colored inner layer to avoid looking too heavy.

For a modern look, we recommend wearing a semi-oversized hoodie with generous sleeve and body width with skinny jeans. If the top is not too oversized, it can be worn with skinny jeans to achieve a sleek silhouette without overdoing it.

If the silhouette of the top is large and the bottoms of the skinny jeans are slim, as in this coordination, choose voluminous engineered boots for the feet to adjust the overall balance.

Enjoy Fashion!

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