Spring Outerwear Men's Special! Pit-Tanned Shrunken Horsehide SLATER Edition

Spring Outerwear Men's Special! Pit-Tanned Shrunken Horsehide SLATER Edition

A man's must-have! Leather jacket!

The heavy and hard look of " leather jacket" creates a manly atmosphere.
It has a wide range of coordination options, from a rugged look with a T-shirt and denim to a more elegant look with a tied-up shirt.

This time, we will introduce two coordinated looks using "Full tannin pit-tanned shrink horsehide SLATER "!

Coordination 1: "SLATER" is popular for its lean and sophisticated design

SLATER" is a standard single type of riders' jacket.
This model features a beautiful silhouette that follows the lines of the body by narrowing the waist with a narrow belly. The design is timeless, so it can be worn for many years without being out of fashion.

 Even a bright color as an inner layer will bring out the season and add a touch of flair to your coordination. This model ( SLATER) also goes well with a sports mix taste by combining it with a baseball cap and sneakers, so this is a fresh styling you should definitely try this time of year.

The trick is to create a sense of unity in the styling by coordinating the three colors: the red innerwear and cap, the used pale blue, and the riders.

Coordination 2: If you are looking for a sophisticated look for a leather jacket, a single type of leather jacket is recommended.

If you are looking for a sophisticated impression of a leather jacket, we recommend you to choose a single type of leather jacket. The pockets and belt details are kept to a minimum, and it is characterized by its simplicity and the wide range of items that can be worn with it.

Standard V-neck tee and roomy regular straight jeans designed as innerwear for the leather jacket: Coordinates in 1977, with an A-shaped line, with a tight top and room at the bottom.

As in Coordination 1), this is a combination of cut and sewn jeans, but it is the presence of the leather jacket that creates an adult and mode atmosphere simply by choosing the size and monotone-centered items for the innerwear.

To add a sense of being more than ordinary to this simple styling, use sunglasses and a large necklace to create a sense of being more than ordinary.

Enjoy Fashion!

Model: 178cm/60kg



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