Special all-black coordinates for midwinter!

Special all-black coordinates for midwinter!

All-black styling is cool, stylish, and urban

Coordinating all-black outfits is the gold standard for creating a cool, stylish, and urban atmosphere. In winter, when layering is a must, all-black is a contracting color that tightens up an outfit, but its heavy color aspect can backfire and make it look heavy, so it is important to make it look crisp and clear.

In this issue, we focus on the "all-black winter coordinate" and introduce three different ways to wear it!

Coordination (1): Layer items of different materials and patterns to create a lighter look

To give a crispness to an all-black coordinate, it is effective to layer items made of different materials to create a lightness to the coordinate.
Adding a large wool scarf to a leather tailored jacket, as shown in this coordination, gives a three-dimensional look to the styling and completes the layered style, eliminating the appearance of heaviness and monotony.

Adding a scarf to the coordinate will increase the volume of the upper half of the body, but it is best to keep it clean with the slim silhouette of SKINNY JOHN and adjust the balance with the feet by taking the engineer boots out of the outfit.

Coordination 2: Refresh the impression of the all-black winter coordinate with a white shoulder bag

This all-black winter coordinate combines horse suede double riders, TIGHT JOE's used finish, and a knit cap.
The image of the styling, which might look monotonous because it is difficult to tell the difference between the materials and fabrics, is refreshed with a horse leather WAX-finished shoulder bag, creating an outfit with an effective accent.

If you feel that an all-black outfit, complete from top to bottom, looks monotonous because of the lack of a sense of crispness in the materials and fabrics, you can add bags and accessories of different colors and textures like this.

Coordination 3: Create a relaxed and loose silhouette to get rid of the slouchy image

Coordinating a uniform black outfit with a slim silhouette can make you look racy and stoic. It is also important to create a relaxed and loose atmosphere in today's outfits.
The inner hoodie should be roomy and the bottom should have a loose silhouette. Easy Lyla in the bottom, you can express a relaxed and carefree look.

Roll up the hem of the bottoms to the ankles to create the right amount of slackness at the feet, eliminating heaviness and monotony at the same time. High-cut sneakers add a light touch to the look.

Enjoy Fashion!

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