Black Sweatshirts, Men's Coordinating Special!

Black Sweatshirts, Men's Coordinating Special!

Black sweatshirts are one of the most versatile sweatshirt items

The black sweatshirt is one of the most versatile sweatshirt items, with a wide range of uses as a single piece in spring and fall and as an inner layer in winter.

In this issue, we introduce three different shapes of black sweatshirts for coordination!

Coordination 1: Black zip-up hoodie and knit CAP to eliminate the chic feel of a hard winter coordinate

Regular Straight: A black zip-up hoodie and knit CAP are added to the hard masculine lower body of 1977 jeans and engineer boots.
In contrast to the lower half, the black zip-up hoodie and knit CAP with a dusty feel with the tips up eliminate the "kimeki" look!
The American casual look is maintained, but with a relaxed, good-looking styling.

The trick to wearing sweatshirts is to combine a soft and casual sweatshirt with outerwear like a leather jacket made of a different material, as shown in this coordination, to completely eliminate the loungewear feel.

Coordination 2: Sweatshirt coordination is cool with one tone of black or monotone

To maximize the appeal of the black sweatshirt, which creates a sporty and relaxed atmosphere while keeping the look cool and tight, the promise is to use black one-tone or monotone colors.

Use a pullover black sweatshirt as an inner layer. Keep it simple with a monotone or black one-tone to bring the styling to the bottom of the line.

Even if you feel the finished look is monotonous or lacks a bit of a twist, the silhouette balance with the bottom of this coordinate and the leather jacket will refresh your impression while maintaining the relaxed and cool feeling that black sweatshirts have to offer.

Coordination ③: Sport mix with barracks hoodie for a lighthearted coordination

A light and carefree atmosphere is created by styling a loose-fitting black hoodie with matching sweatpants and a baseball cap. A warm sweatshirt with a brushed back and a down vest with a thin down layer will complete the relaxed winter look.

The key to this look is the addition of heavy logger boots instead of sneakers, which adds a touch of hardness to the look.

Enjoy Fashion!

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