Straight jeans are the savior of men's coordination!

Straight jeans are the savior of men's coordination!

Stylish savior bottom that can complete any coordinated look just by matching it with any outfit

Jeans are easy to use, and one pair of jeans is a must-have in your wardrobe. Among them, " straight jeans" can be worn in all seasons, spring, summer, fall, and winter, without being affected by the ever-changing trends.
They are once again attracting attention as a fashion savior that can be worn with tight-fitting or oversized outfits, or with any coordinated outfit to complete the look.

In this issue, we focus on regular straight jeans 1977 and introduce some coordinated outfits!

What are "straight jeans"?

As many of you may already know, "straight" refers to pants designed with a straight line from the knee to the hem, and this silhouette is called "straight leg " or "straight fit" overseas.
The line of the pants is straight, but the shape of the leg is tapered, so one of the characteristics is that the amount of room increases from the knee to the ankle, giving the hem a slightly flared look.
STRUM's 1977 also has a slightly tapered silhouette.

Coordination 1: Refresh the impression of denim-on-denim style by rolling up the leg for a more impactful look.

Straight jeans are rolled up to the ankle for a styling that highlights the logger boots on the feet. The denim-on-denim style impression is refreshed by inserting a denim shirt with a used finish as an inner layer!

The workmanlike, heavy-boned look is maintained, but by showing the lining, the monotony of the used blue tone-on-tone is dispelled. The choice of straight jeans, which are neither too downy nor too loose, gives a mature impression.

Roll-ups, when incorporated into heavy-boned bottoms such as straight jeans or wide pants, create a martial and cozy look. Since wide silhouette bottoms are the mainstream nowadays, why not take advantage of this trend and create an outfit that is different from others?

Coordination 2: Straight jeans Layered technique of showing straight jeans from the hem of a long coat

Long suede leather coats with a strong presence can be styled almost by themselves, so it is said that it is difficult to add arrangements to them.

By combining it with moderately roomy straight jeans, it creates a fresh look with a martial accent. The unique texture of denim creates a moderately cozy look in the sophisticated impression of the black one-tone.

Denim, which has a strong workwear image, is recommended to be worn in a moderately loose and clean style that does not detract from the mature look.

Enjoy Fashion!

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