Suede items featured!

Suede items featured!

Suede items with a raised, delicate leather look and unique texture that creates an adult atmosphere

Suede items with a raised, delicate leather look, unique texture, warmth, and elegance create an adult atmosphere that is different from that of rugged, masculine surface leather.

This time, we focus on such "suede" and introduce the coordination!

Coordinates (1) :Double riders inhorse suede, which is less rugged, can be worn with a beautiful coordinate.

The double riders jacket made of outer leather is a typical example of rugged leather outerwear, but the impression changes drastically when it is made of suede. The highly decorative double leather jacket with its decorative details is retained, but the image is soft and angular.

The bright burgundy color of the leather jacket and the rigid denim shirt create a beautiful coordinate. It fits effortlessly with casual pants and sporty easy pants, without making the styling look like a little boy.

Coordination 2: Suede shirts that easily blend in with jackets and leather jackets to express a deep cord.

This suede shirt type blends more easily with woven fabrics than with outer leather.
It matches leather jackets and, of course, jackets without any difficulty, and can express a deep coordinate that is not possible with woven shirts.

The fine bristles of the calf suede give it a velvety look that gives the shirt a mature and deep coordination. And to accentuate the difference in materials, we dared to create a styling in which everything except the sole of the boots is black.

Coordination ③: Differentiate the coordinate with suede single riders that are both rugged and elegant

It is extremely difficult to wear a double leather rider's jacket like an adult, but it is a different story with suede. The brown color, in particular, is both rugged and elegant, and can be easily coordinated with any outfit.

For those who want to wear riders in a mature manner, why not start with the suede type instead of the standard outer leather?

The image of brown suede may give you a western image, but by combining everything except the leather jacket in a monotone color and wearing a shirt as an innerwear, you can get rid of this image and create a fashionable look.

Enjoy Fashion!

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