Coordinates using the classic men's item for early spring, "Jeans"!

Coordinates using the classic men's item for early spring, "Jeans"!

What is the right way to coordinate in early spring?

In early spring, the mornings and evenings are still cold. While coordinating your outfit to bring in a spring-like feel, be mindful not to lose your cold-weather protection too much. If you are still concerned about the cold, refresh your look by starting with outerwear that is easy to take off and put on, and spring-like colors such as neutrals and pale tones.

In this issue, we will introduce coordination using the men's staple item for early spring, jeans!

Coordination 1: Stylish early spring coordinate with a blue jeans blue top and bottom, contrasted with a leather jacket.

A one-tone pale-toned top and bottom coordinate of a used denim shirt and new OVER DOWN overlap straight jeans, contrasted with a black BONO leather tailored jacket with a slightly roomy silhouette, creates a stylish early-spring coordinate.

While the leather jacket provides protection against the cold, the pale blue jeans bring a spring-like color to the coordinate, creating an outfit that fits the mood of early spring, when the cold is still present.
Matching the color of the sunglasses and boots with black creates a sense of unity with the tailored jacket.

Coordination 2: On a warm day with spring-like sunshine, jeans with a design gimmick as the main item

This all-black coordinate combines the new black BOXY IGGY with a suede shirt.
On warm days with spring-like sunshine during the day, jeans filled with design gimmicks are the main item for an outfit that fits the early spring mood.

The canvas sneakers on the feet have a white sole so as not to look too heavy, creating a casual look that is not too loose. The shirt is all black, but with a rough, casual look that is perfect for the beginning of spring.

Enjoy Fashion!

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