Spring/Summer men's coordination made with a taslan-finished nylon-ox set-up!

Spring/Summer men's coordination made with a taslan-finished nylon-ox set-up!

Taslan-finished Nylon Ox Set-up

The "Taslan processed nylon ox ox set-up " is very useful in the spring and summer season. The fabric has a unique wrinkled and lightweight feel, and is dyed with bamboo ink pigment based on ingredients extracted from the outer skin of onions, a natural material, to produce a neat, not-too-tight look.

This time, we will focus on such"Taslan processed nylon-ox set-up" and introduce how to wear it now and coordinate it for spring and summer as well!

Coordination 1: A layering technique is essential for a set-up that can be worn from now on.

Layering techniques are essential for this time of year when the weather is still cold.
Aleather jacket is worn as an inner layer of a long jacket with a roomy silhouette to keep out the cold and wind. In addition, a rigid denim shirt and a white long T are layered to create a fresh spring look in color.

The combination of different materials, such as nylon ox, leather, and denim, and the white and indigo hues give this coordination both a masculine and fresh feel.
The leather jacket is a key point in keeping the look from becoming too cold even at this time of the year.

Coordination 2: Taslan-finished nylon-ox set-up with a shirt as an inner lining for a mode-inspired look

The same set-up combination as in Coordination #1 is chosen, with a dotted shirt and black studded sneakers. Unbutton the two buttons on the dotted shirt to give a relaxed look to this beautiful outfit, creating a casual look that is neither too formal nor too rough.

The inner shirt and long jacket are a beautiful style, but you don't feel stiff because of the unique casual texture of the fabric, such as the wrinkles created by movement and the texture of natural dyes.
Roll up the wide pants and highlight the sneakers for a casual look.

Enjoy Fashion!

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