Spring Outerwear Men's Special! Suede Horsehide CRANK Edition

Spring Outerwear Men's Special! Suede Horsehide CRANK Edition

Spring outerwear essentials! Leather jacket!

Leather jackets with a heavy, hard look create a masculine atmosphere.
The appeal of leather jackets is their wide range of coordination options, from a rugged look with T-shirts and denim to a more mature, clean-cut look with suede.

This time, the new model " suede horsehide CRANK blouson I would like to introduce two coordinated looks using the new " Suede Horsehide CRANK Blouson!

Coordination 1: New "CRANK" with a minimalist finish

Based on a design that looks like a combination of a stadium jacket and a MA-1, the stoned box silhouette creates a mature atmosphere. The new "CRANK " is a leather jacket with a minimalist finish.

The use of suede and ribs gives "CRANK" a stylish, urban mood, and the shirt is a must-have coordinate. The loose-fitting black denim with a wide lek and sneakers give the look a relaxed feel.
To avoid the monotony of the same-colored styling, a pair of sunglasses in blue adds a fresh seasonal feel.

The cross necklace peeking out from the open front adds an accent to the simple styling that highlights the unique design of " BOXY IGGY.

Coordination 2: Suede "CRANK" and gray damaged jeans for a stylish tone-on-tone look

While highlighting the material contrast between suede and denim, the tone-on-tone is stylishly expressed with "CRANK " and gray damaged jeans "TIGHT JOE ". The entire body is put together in a clean, lean silhouette to emphasize the difference in materials and tones. In terms of tone, " CRANK" and jeans are matched, and in terms of material, suede boots create a sense of unity.

The reason why the innerwear in Coordinates 1) and 2) is a shirt is to take advantage of the characteristic top width of the " CRANK"and the collar that is lowered in the front. With a regular MA-1, the inner shirt collar does not stand out so much, but with "CRANK" it fits perfectly.

Enjoy Fashion!

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