Spring Outerwear Men's Special! Pit-Tanned Shrunken Horsehide SPEEDER Edition

Spring Outerwear Men's Special! Pit-Tanned Shrunken Horsehide SPEEDER Edition

Spring outerwear essentials! Leather jacket!

Leather jackets with a heavy and hard look create a masculine atmosphere.

It has a wide range of coordination options, from a clean and chic look for adults to a rugged and rock 'n' roll look with a T-shirt and denim, as shown here.

This time, we will introduce two coordinated looks using the new "Pit-tanned Shrunken Horsehide SPEEDER Double Riders"!

Coordination 1 : The flap belt is eye-catching STRUM No.1 popular model SPEEDER

This is the STRUM No. 1 popular model with a flap that is almost invisible from the front because the buckle is in the back in the old Long-Jan style, surrounded by leather parts around the hem as if it were a belt, and protects the contact of the zip with the tank of a motorcycle, etc. The flap attracts the eye.

The leather is pit-tanned shrink-hose with a bony yet comfortable look, with scratches and grain to give it an impactful look.

Indigo jeans "Over Down" are worn slightly dropped to emphasize the front design more. The Rock Tee with an original illustration print is worn as an inner layer to emphasize the hard, masculine look of the leather jacket.

The large rolled-up feet are matched with logger boots for a trendy look.

Coordination 2: Double Riders "SPEEDER " and a blue-based tone-on-tone create a spring look

In general, it is said that in fashion, it is easier to coordinate when the number of colors is kept to three or less.The two keys to a successful colorful outfit are to create an axis andto match the tone of the outfit.

For the hard and rugged impression of a double rider jacket, the inner shirt and skinny jeans are all in a gradation of blue, and a navy leather cap is chosen. The basic blue color axis is combined into an adult rock style without a TOO MUCH feeling.

For a rugged item like a leather jacket, a shirt is worn as an inner layer to give a different impression, which is expected to be a trend this season.
Other key points are to mix in items with a moderately dressy taste, such as changing the pants to slacks and tightening up the footwear with leather shoes.

Enjoy Fashion!

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