Spring Outerwear Men's Special! Calf Suede Long Cardigan ALTERNA Edition

Spring Outerwear Men's Special! Calf Suede Long Cardigan ALTERNA Edition

A must-have for spring outerwear!

Models made of high quality leather will become more durable as you wear them, and they have a presence that elevates your coordination just by putting them on. Another appeal of this model is that it can be worn with a wide range of pants, from casual jeans to elegant slacks.

In this issue, we introduce the new Japan Calf Suede ALTERNA Long Cardigan The following are two coordinated looks using the new "Japan Calf Suede ALTERNA Long Cardigan "!

Coordination 1: The spacious silhouette and modesty of the "ALTERNA" give it an adult atmosphere.

The new model " ALTERNA" uses calf suede, which is characterized by its delicate and elegant look, and redesigned its slim silhouette and details.
The oversized, roomy silhouette and mode feel create an adult atmosphere.

The Japanese calf suede is characterized by its fine skin and minimal scratches, and by carefully papering the suede surface, it has a delicate and classy look.

The bottoms are black boxy wide straights that blend in with the suede items, while the loose-fitting silhouette gives them a modern look with a good proportion.
Jeans with a one-cushion length and sandals give the look a relaxed feel.

Coordination 2: The lightly tailored long cardigan "ALTERNA" gives a spring-like styling even in dark tones.

Perhaps as a reaction to the winter's tendency to wear heavy outfits, lightweight items are becoming more popular in the spring season.
Especially for spring outerwear, such as leather jackets, choosing lightweight tailoring with minimal lining and subsidiary materials is enough to give a seasonal look to your coordinates.

ALTERA" is a lightweight long cardigan made of soft, fine-grained calf suede with no lining. A dark-toned coordinate, which at first glance tends to look heavy, can be made more spring-like by combining it with a lightly tailored item.

For a fresh feel in an oversized outfit, try a just right size T-shirt for the top to create a crisp silhouette.
A just right-size white T-shirt, ideal for an inner layer, is paired with loose blue jeans in a wide silhouette. The contrasting silhouette of the white T-shirt and blue jeans with the long cardigan from ALTERNA gives a fresh impression.

Enjoy Fashion!

Model: 182cm/65kg



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