Spring Outerwear Men's Special! Japan Calf Suede RENTON Edition

Spring Outerwear Men's Special! Japan Calf Suede RENTON Edition

A must-have for spring and summer outerwear! Leather vests!

Vests continue to be favored by fashionable people for their ability to add stylish accents to coordinates just by adding them. This season, the riders' vests are one of the items that have attracted attention.

This time, we will introduce two coordinated looks using the new "Japan Calf Suede RENTON Double Riders Vest!

Coordination 1: The new "RENTON" double riders vest that adds a casual and masculine accent

The new "RENTON " is an oversized version of the conventional riders' vest, with a relaxed A-line silhouette of an American type.

This item can be used as innerwear during this season when there is a temperature difference between morning and evening, and brings a casual and masculine accent to your coordination.

This Japan calf suede is characterized by its fine skin texture and minimal scratches, and by carefully papering the suede surface, it has a delicate and classy look.

This coordination is accentuated by using the vest as an inner lining for the gown. Also, the rock style of skinny jeans and a rider's vest is given a more mature look by wearing a mellow gown over it.

Coordination 2: Royal road ROCK cord, printed T-shirt and crushed jeans cord with "RENTON" rider's vest

The suede rider's vest adds a rugged accent to the ROCK coordination of a printed T-shirt and crushed jeans with leopard accents. The calf-suede suede gives a classy look and a strong accent to the ROCK coordinate.

The mismatch between the classy look of calf suede and the ROCK atmosphere is a key point.

If you want to add a bit of flair to an overall slim fit, try an oversized outerwear with an A-line silhouette. This will create a loose-fitting styling.

For a more impressive ROCK look, set the cap backwards and sneakers play a good role on the feet.

Enjoy Fashion!

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