Let's wear the "red and black" coordinate!

Let's wear the "red and black" coordinate!

The "Red-Black" color combination enhances individuality and stylishness!

The " red and black" color combination is used in many outstanding products such as Ferrari, Coca-Cola, and Air Jordan.
By incorporating the contrasting colors of eye-catching red and chic black into your coordination, you can instantly create a unique and fashionable impression.

In this issue, we pick up three such "red and black" coordinates!

Coordination 1: Tips for successful red and black coordination

The key to successful coordination is to be conscious of the amount of red and black.
If you use red as a color insert and black as the main styling component, it is easier to create a more fashionable and smart styling.

Since red is a relatively assertive color and black is a receding color, it is easier to achieve balance by using a larger amount of black than red.
By using black to accentuate the flamboyance while restraining the extra flamboyance of red, a good-looking and chic coordination will be completed.

This coordinate is almost entirely black with a rider's vest, skinny jeans, and rider's boots, with red in the inner cut-and-sew and sunglasses.
The innerwear alone is a stylish and effective color balance, but by subtly linking it with accessories, a more fashionable look could be added.

The black tops and bottoms also solve the heavy look of this season by choosing items with different material textures.
In this case, the vest is styled in horse suede and the bottoms in organic cotton, which are made of different materials.

Coordination 2: To finish the "red and black" coordinate with a mature look, clean black pants are essential.

The " red-and-black" coordinate can have a strong play of colors, and depending on the coordination, may give a childish impression of a young boy.
To maintain a mature look, we recommend using clean black pants to tighten up the outfit.

For this coordination, wide pants with a beautiful silhouette are set with integrated tucks and side pockets.

The 100% nylon but cotton-like material and the two-tuck silhouette wide pants can create a highly sensitive "red and black" coordinate with the leather jacket.

Coordination ③: Sporty "red and black" coordinate with a check gown adding casual flair

This casual coordinate combines a red-based checkered blouson with standard straight jeans.
By inserting a white cut-and-sewn inner layer instead of black, you can create a relaxed look, while the black engineer boots add a mature and masculine touch.

The red and white check gown, faded wide-leg black jeans, and white inner T-shirt give a fresh expression to the "red and black" coordinate of spring and summer.
If you are not comfortable with the incorporation of red monochrome tops, I would like you to try this kind of styling that employs a check pattern.

The red leather cap adds a sporty touch and completes the look.

Enjoy Fashion!

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