What are some techniques to add variety to a T-shirt coordinate?

What are some techniques to add variety to a T-shirt coordinate?

What techniques and men's outfits can be used for T-shirt coordination?

T-shirt coordination is one of the most popular summer coordination for men. Although it is a staple of men's fashion, we tend to think that it is difficult to differentiate oneself from others.

In this issue, we will introduce coordination using three types of "high-twisted jersey STC144 series," including techniques to add variety to T-shirt coordination!

Coordinates ① For a loose-fitting balanced coordinate, fully tuck in the top for a beautiful impression.

Tucking in a T-shirt can have various effects, such as creating a clean and tight waistline, letting air in to give the upper body a fluffy volume, or creating a loose yet dynamic silhouette and draping effect.

This time, the hem is fully tucked into the bottoms, leaving a beautiful impression in the rock-inspired styling of a sleeveless shirt and leather vest.

Also, the "STC144 series" of high-twisted jersey, which is thin and has just the right amount of looseness, is the perfect material for tucking in.

The silhouette is very important when tucking in tops.

When tucking in, it is recommended to check in front of a mirror whether the area of the upper and lower body is balanced.
Basically, coordination that keeps the balance between the upper and lower body at about 1:3 is beautiful, and is a balance contrast that any body type can easily get into.

Coordination 2: Change the impression of coordination with different necklines!

The simple, one-piece T-shirt coordination that becomes more common as summer approaches can make you look a bit plain. The neckline of a T-shirt is usually a crew neck, but a slight change in the neckline can give a completely different impression.

If you choose a T-shirt with an open neckline, you can create a relaxed look with a sense of comfort. Also, when using a leather jacket as an inner layer, an open neck will give a cool impression and a sense of the season.

The "high-twisted jersey STC144 series" is made of 80/2 high-twist Australian cotton yarn, and its unique spinning technology gives the yarn a bulky and crisp feel, making it a cool and refreshing item that is perfect for this sweaty season.

Coordination (3): Tucking in a drop-shoulder T-shirt in the front gives a twist to the silhouette of the men's coordinate.

The drop-shoulder T-shirt, with its tiered sleeves and layered look, is a design type that can be worn alone rather than as a layered item.

The drape and silhouette are completely different depending on the angle you look at it, and the tucked-in front gives it a more cozy look than the fully tucked-in style.
Theoversized T-shirt that shows this effect is tucked in only at the front where the characteristic front flap is visible.

T-shirts in this series have different neck openings from sleeveless and half sleeve types, and are designed to be narrower than regular STRUM.
The narrower neckline gives an elegant impression, loose and loose but without losing the mature look.

Enjoy Fashion!

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