Shorts make men's summer outfits light and festive!

Shorts make men's summer outfits light and festive!

Eliminate the feeling of being a kid and dress smartly.

Shorts" are a light and active item that enhances the mood.
Shorts are also an item that tends to make you look like a kid, so it is essential to have a dressing technique that fits the lifestyle of adults.

In this issue, we will introduce three smart ways to coordinate "shorts!

Coordination (1) Match leopard print "shorts" with black items to make the coordination rock cool and tight

A crew-neck black rock T-shirt and short length rider's boots are perfect to coordinate with leopard print "shorts" for men. patterned "shorts" with a crew neck black rock T-shirt and short length rider's boots.

Leopard print shorts, which give off a hard-rocking masculine look, tend to be pop and childish, but by pairing them with a black T-shirt and waxed boots, you can create a cool, urban look.

The greatest advantage of wearing patterned shorts is that they have a glamorous look that standard plain shorts do not have. Of course, the advantage of creating a light and active mood is the same as that of plain shorts.

The knee-length shorts, which are not too short and not too long, give a good balance to the styling.

Coordination 2: A monotone coordinate of black shorts and a patterned shirt

This monotone coordinate combines a patterned shirt with black shorts, which is printed with a black floral pattern in a bleached state, sewn, and dyed gray after sewing.
The combination of a tropical floral print shirt and "short s" as represented by the Aloha shirt is not uncommon, but the chic urban monotone coordination of the patterned shirt and shorts is very fresh.

The combination of the floral print shirt and slim black sweatshirt shorts is balanced out by the engineers on the feet.

Shorts" vary in silhouette from wide to slim, and in length from short above the knee to knee-length and longer below the knee. The key to looking fashionable is to choose well-balanced shoes that match the silhouette and length of each type of shorts.

Coordination ③: Create a beautiful impression by coordinating the elegant polyester twill "shorts" with a set-up coordinate.

This summer outfit combines a 3D printed long cardigan with a white tank top, cargo shorts made of the same material, and leather sandals.
The shorts and sandals style tends to make you look like you are going to a resort, but by using a sophisticated polyester twill set-up with a beautiful twill pattern and choosing a long cardigan instead of a shirt, you can blend in with the town and create a beautiful look.

Cargo shorts that shift the look of the outfit to a more mature look while retaining a sense of fun.
In summer, the front tends to be fully open, but you may want to fasten one or two pieces to control the amount of inner tank tops glimpsed from the chest and hem.

Enjoy Fashion!

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