What are the tips for adults to wear wide pants?

What are the tips for adults to wear wide pants?

How adults can wear "wide pants," an item that has been attracting a lot of attention

Wide pants" are a hot item these days.
There must be many people who are hesitant to wear wide pants because they think it is too hard for adults to wear loose-fitting pants in a sophisticated way.

In this issue, we will introduce three coordinated tips for adults to wear "wide pants" with elegance!

Coordination 1: Wear slightly loose, straight silhouette coveralls with an adult look

Overalls, which originated as workwear, give a martial impression, but if you choose rigid denim that has not faded, such as this BULLET, you can maintain a clean look suitable for adults to wear. If the upper body part is wrapped around the waist, the rugged look can be moderated.

It is also important to avoid extremely wide legs that would detract from the adult look.
Wide legs that give the impression of a relaxed, straight look are recommended.
For a classy look, aim for wide-leg pants with a hem width of 20~25cm. They do not pick up the line of the leg and easily form a clean line, making it easy to coordinate a sophisticated and mature look.

Match them with an oversized cutoff black T to add a trendy touch, and you will have a highly compatible coordinate.

On the feet, set in leather sandals that add a seasonal feel. The light-weight, all-seasonal, light-ounce material should also be easy to use.

Coordination 2: What design is best for adults to wear with wide pants?

If you want to coordinate wide pants for adults in a smart way, two-tuck slacks with a roomy waist, tucks and side pockets are definitely the way to go.
Wide pants" come in a variety of silhouettes, each giving a different impression, but plain, basic colors such as black, navy, and gray , loose-fitting straight pants and pants that taper toward the hem look good and look smart even when worn by adult men.

To add a sense of the season to this coordinate, a hat and leather sandals would be a good addition.

To achieve a highly sensitive "wide pants" coordinate, it is important to choose full-length pants with a cushion or half cushion at the back of the legs.

Coordinate ③: Update your adult casual coordinate with BOXY IGGY, which has a design gimmick

This season, military and work styles are particularly popular.
BOXY IGGY 's wide silhouette and relaxed fit will give you a trendy look in one fell swoop.
An oversized rock white T-shirt, wide pants, and sneakers create a casual look.

In addition to focusing on the length and silhouette, it is also important to limit the number of colors incorporated into the coordinate and to dress in a monotone color scheme for a stylish look.

Wide pants tend to make the silhouette look bulky, so it is recommended to actively use deep shades of black and cold blues, which are considered shrinking or receding colors, to create a calm and mature coordinate.

Enjoy Fashion!

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