How can I incorporate a "set-up" into my summer look?

How can I incorporate a "set-up" into my summer look?

How adults can wear "set-ups" in summer

A "set-up" is an item of clothing made of the same fabric, such as denim and sweatshirts, and can easily create a sense of unity.
A little ingenuity is essential to casually and stylishly incorporating these items.

In this issue, we will introduce the key points of "set-up " outfits and men's coordinates that can be used as a reference for your summer outfits!

Coordination (1): How to wear a "set-up" as a highly sensitive adult

The size andsilhouette are important when dressing up a " set-up " for adults.
If you want to create a highly sophisticated coordinate, you should choose a just-right size with just the right amount of room or a silhouette with a relaxed feel. Especially in summer in Japan, when temperatures are high and humidity is high, tight fits and tight hemmed designs are not comfortable and may give the impression of being too hot, since there is little space for air to pass through and for heat to escape.
We want to achieve a stylish "set-up" coordinate by finding a line with just the right amount of room that does not look dowdy.

The short-sleeved, open-collared style looks and feels more relaxed than a jacket-based set-up, and the ventilation at the chest area ensures coolness, making it perfect for summer!

Another key point is to choose a setup made of fabric with material irregularities. The unevenness reduces the surface area of the skin on the ground, making it less likely to feel sticky from perspiration.

Set-up" features a medium-thick, lightweight, and supple texture, dyed with bamboo dye based on ingredients extracted from the outer skin of onions.
The delicate and natural coloring, which is only possible with natural dyes, can be enjoyed as it ages with each wear.

Coordination 2: Casual "Set-up" summer coordinate with a sporty feel

To keep the overall look cool and tight while retaining a sporty and relaxed atmosphere, it is an ironclad rule to combine "set-ups" in monotone colors such as black and gray.
Especially since it is a casual material, it is best to keep it simple and coordinate it with monotone colors, starting with black.

Even if you feel the finished look is monotonous or uninspired, you can refresh the impression by using small accessories such as shoes and hats as a gimmick to add a splash of color, while maintaining the relaxed and cool feel that sweatshirts are known for.

For a mature and beautiful look while maintaining a relaxed feel, we recommend wearing a sweatshirt in a size that is just right.
A casual"set-up" characterized by a unique texture that has a thicker texture, resists losing its shape, and is soft to the touch, can be worn in a sporty and rough manner without losing its mature look and feel, and can be differentiated from other items.

Enjoy Fashion!

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