Let's wear "Oversize T-shirts"!

Let's wear "Oversize T-shirts"!

What are the tips for wearing "Oversize T-shirts"?

From fast fashion to high-end brands, many of the T-shirts developed by various brands in the past few years have been oversized, big silhouette, or drop-shoulder designs.

In this issue, we pick up "oversized T-shirts," which are becoming a standard item!

Tips for wearing oversized T-shirts (1): Size

Although there is no clear standard for oversized, generally speaking, a T-shirt is considered oversized when it looks as if it is one to two sizes larger than the standard size. Another characteristic of oversize is a silhouette with dropped shoulders and a generous body width.

If you simply choose a size larger than the standard size, the overall appearance will be large, and you will tend to feel "worn in".
If you feel the length is too long or the width is too wide, shorten the length by tucking in or roll up the sleeves to add movement to the silhouette and get rid of the "worn-in" feeling.

Oversized T-shirt" with impactful "BLACK STRUM" print in white.
This T-shirt is knitted with 30/- cotton yarn for a soft and bulky feel, and hasstability and functionality suitable for daily wear, as it is easy to handle and does not easily lose its shape.

For those who are not comfortable with adjustments such as tucking in, we recommend wearing the oversized T-shirt with cropped jeans and sandals as shown in this coordinate for balance and a sense of the season.

Oversize T -Shirt " Dressing Tip #2: Color Matching

If you want to achieve a rough and casual look with the oversized T -shirt while still maintaining a mature and smart impression, we recommend wearing a black color scheme.

As a styling technique, gradation coding is a simple way to create shades of similar colors. The black of the T-shirt and the bottoms are shaded differently by the texture of the material. Monotone coordination is one of the easiest color combinations to imitate in gradation.

To add individuality to a simple coordinate, we recommend using accessories with a sense of unity.

The plain "oversized T-shirt" is set with a casual cap and sneakers to create a relaxed atmosphere. Although this is a staple of men's fashion, the number of items is reduced at this time of the year, so it shows exquisite individuality.

Oversize T-shirt" Dressing Tip 3: Balance the Length

Recently, there are many cropped T-shirts with a shorter length while maintaining the drop shoulders and wide body width characteristic of "oversize T-shirts," but at the same time, we should also pay attention to longer lengths .
Plain, elegant designs with a good material feel arealso good styling choices.

Longer lengths are another factor that tends to give the wearer a "worn-in" look.
The oversized T-shirt in this coordinate is also long. You can improve it by adjusting the silhouette by tucking it in or making the bottoms more compact.

The combination of the black oversized T-shirt, 3D turquoise blue shorts, and engineer boots that are in sync with the color scheme of the styling, creates a summer coordinate that retains a rock hard part.

The oversized T-shirt has a voluminous feel and a long length, so it goes well with lightweight shorts as bottoms. Shorts with a slightly loose silhouette, knee-length or above knee-length, are in style this year.

Enjoy Fashion!

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