A special feature on men's outfits using "leather sandals!

A special feature on men's outfits using "leather sandals!

Leather sandals" with a chic and calm impression

Sandals that can produce cool, light, summer-specific styling.
Gurkha sandals that incorporate the form of dress shoes, leather sandals that give a chic and relaxed impression, sports sandals that are ideal for outdoor activities, flip-flops, etc... There are a variety of options.

In this issue, we focus on the coordination of "leather sandals" and introduce three outfits to be worn during the summer season!

Coordination (1): Match black "leather sandals" with a light-colored color combination to tighten up the look.

This casual summer outfit combines a check gown, regular straight jeans with a used finish, and black leather sand als.
The gown is roomy enough to wear a leather jacket in a different season, so the inner T-shirt is also a wide size, creating a relaxed overall look.

The light-colored styling is completed with black leather sandals, which give the impression of a relaxed look.

In this styling, casual items are not made childish by "leather sandals.
If you do not want to give the impression of being too rough like flip-flops, "leather sandals " are a good option to incorporate into your coordinate.
If the design has an upper that wraps around the foot, you can keep the look of elegance more like leather shoes.

Coordination 2: A mature sandal and shorts combination edged with a black belt "sandal".

This coordinate is slim and smart with a gray and black floral pattern open collar shirt and black shorts.
To keep the resort look in check, it is important to use the right size and color, and to set the black belt " leather sandals" on the feet.
The combination of shorts and sandals tends to make you look like a kid, but if you combine them with chic colors like in this coordinate, you can create an atmosphere appropriate for adults. This outfit is definitely recommended for those who are trying to incorporate sandals and shorts into their summer coordinate.

Sunglasses also play an important role in chic styling this time of year.
With more and more people taking off their masks these days, don't forget to pay attention to the area around your eyes.
This time, the look is less resort-like and more mature, so black lenses are selected to match the outfit and create a sense of unity.

Coordination (3): All-black summer coordinate with Velcro-type sandals for a relaxed look

Leather sandals," which allow you to enjoy your favorite fit by adjusting the Velcro upper, are also STRUM's first sandals.

This coordination features an oversized black T-shirt with an open neckline and 3D pants with a loose silhouette, creating an all-black summer coordinate.

The bottoms have a stylish silhouette with a unique waist belt specification, large zipper pockets, and a wide silhouette with a strong 3D twist. The sandals on the feet provide a sense of comfort and air-forrest that boots and sneakers do not have, even if the entire body is black.

The use of short velour steer and Elvamat from the prestigious Italian tannery Tempesti for the belt part creates a mature and elegant atmosphere.

Enjoy Fashion!

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