Men's coordination is upgraded with the use of "tank tops!

Men's coordination is upgraded with the use of "tank tops!

What is a "tank top"?

A "tank top" is a sleeveless garment with a large open collar, named after its resemblance to a tank suit, a swimming suit for competitive swimmers.

The "tank top " is one of the most popular summer tops for men. However, many men may be hesitant to incorporate tank tops into their outfits.

In this issue, we will introduce three coordinated ways to wear a "tank top!

Coordination (1): Using a "tank top" as an inner layer for a shirt

Wearing an open-collared shirt over a tank top gives a cool and refreshing feeling that is perfect for the hot season. In this coordination, the white color of the "tank top"is added to the black-based shirt and jeans.

The monotone color scheme gives the outfit a mature yet rock 'n' roll taste.

In Coordination 1, the white color of the "tank top" was chosen for its role as a color accent and for its seasonal freshness, but if you want to create a more mature and urban atmosphere, just change the " tank top" to black and the overall impression of the coordination will change.
Just changing the color around the face can make a big difference in the impression you give to others, so we encourage you to enjoy summer fashion by first changing the color of your "tank top.

Coordination #2: Create a cozy look with a tiered layered look around the hem

Layering a tank top to peek out from the hem of a top is one of the techniques to look stylish. The point is to keep the balance to just a glimpse of the tank top, as too much of the tank top will give a loose impression.

In this coordination, the back hem of a standard, just-fit T-shirt is glimpsed in a subtle way.

Recently, T-shirts and other tops themselves are becoming increasingly oversized, making it necessary to choose tank tops with balance in mind.

It is also better to choose the color of the "tank top" to be the opposite color of the T-shirt. The impact on the eyes will be different even if only a small portion of the top is visible.

Coordination 3: Add a sense of fun by layering around the collar

Layers of " tank topstank top" from the neckline is also effective.
The basic style is to choose a top with a large open neck and let the shoulders of the tank top peek out. In addition to showing a glimpse of just the collar, it is also fashionable to balance the look by combining the layered hem as shown in Coordinates 2).

A top with a wide neck is essential to achieve a layered neck.
STC144 series high-twisted jersey T-shirt, with its wide neck and thin fabric texture adopted, is perfect for layering around the neck.
By using this simple T-shirt and letting the tank top peek out, you can create a casually more fashionable atmosphere.

Also, by wearing a tank top directly against the skin during this sweaty season, it absorbs perspiration, eliminates the discomfort of stickiness, and prevents staining what you wear on top.

Enjoy Fashion!

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