Men's coordination using the "shirt" waist and shoulder technique!

Men's coordination using the "shirt" waist and shoulder technique!

Techniques of wrapping a shirt around the waist or hanging it over the shoulder

It is effective to create a stylish look by adopting techniques such as wrapping the shirt around the waist or hanging it over the shoulder. Another big advantage is that it does not become a burden when you take off thin outerwear or tops.

In this issue, we focus on techniques such as wrapping the shirt around the waist or hanging it over the shoulder, and pick up on how to wear it!

Coordination (1): Create a rough and active impression by hanging a long "shirt" diagonally.

By using the technique of hanging the shirt on the shoulder or diagonally across the body, you can add a three-dimensional accent around the neck. Shirt material with a sense of firmness and coquettishness can also create a lightness to the outfit.

Burnyard jeans that have been left on the door for a long time, showing suntan and stains from exposure to the sun, are paired with an original print rock T-shirt.
A long, washed-out floral print shirt is worn diagonally across the body for a rough, active look.
Try this look when wearing long "shirts" or when riding a bicycle or motorcycle, as it is smarter than wearing it wrapped around the waist.

Coordination 2: A western shirt with dotted buttons and pocket decorations is wrapped around the waist to add a glamorous accent to the men's coordinate!

Adding volume around the waist by wrapping a "shirt" around the waist is an ironclad technique. The unique firm texture of the shirt adds a refreshing accent to the outfit.
The impression given by the type of material also changes, so it is easy to succeed if you take into consideration the sense of unity with the coordinating outfit.

Among shirts, denim western shirts are highly decorative with dotted buttons, pockets with flaps, and a yoke. Therefore, it can add a gorgeous accent to a men's coordinate, whether worn as a woven or wrapped around the waist.

Also, the denim material means that you don't have to worry about wrinkles even if you decide to wear it after unwrapping the waistcoat.

Coordination ③: Wear the "shirt" as an outer layer and fine-tune the length of the sleeves

A roomy over "shirt" is excellent as a light outer layer for the changing seasons.

And by rolling up the sleeves to the elbow, you can not only moderately adjust the temperature, but also play an exquisite role in controlling the impression of the look. This casualness is ◎.

As shown in this coordination, choosing a white inner tank and contrasting the color of the black-based "shirt" with the color of the coordinate will also add a lightness to the coordinate.

Enjoy Fashion!

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