Men's summer "black T-shirt" coordination!

Men's summer "black T-shirt" coordination!

Differentiation is necessary because it is a staple

Black T-shirts" are a staple for men in summer along with white T-shirts.
Because it is a staple item, you should aim to coordinate differently from others by choosing items and differentiating your dressing techniques.

In this issue, we will introduce some tips on how to use the "black T-shirt " to stand out from the others!

Dressing Tips 1: Create contrast with two things: color and silhouette.

Coordinating items in extreme tones, such as black and white, can be balanced by using contrasting colors.
To enhance the contrast, you should also pay attention to the balance of the silhouette.

In this coordination, the black T-shirt and white jeans create a sharp contrast between the top and bottom, and the T-shirt and pants combination is finished with a Y silhouette.

The oversized black T-shirt is used for the upper body, while the skinny denim bottoms are slimmer. The contrast between the top and bottom is enhanced by the silhouette as well as the color.

The monotone color scheme of only black and white throughout the entire body is also a good choice.

Dressing Tip #2: Take it to the next level by making full use of layering.

If you want to make a change that is easily recognizable from your surroundings, coordinating by making full use of layering is effective.
It is good to wear an inner layer such as a tank top under the T-shirt to enjoy one-point layering at the hem, but for ease of understanding, we recommend layering a "black T-shirt" and a vest.

For example, a suede vest worn over a t-shirt, pants, and shoes all in black.
A simple all-black summer coordinate can be completely transformed with the addition of this vest.

If you find yourself in a rut with your "black T-shirt" coordinate, why not try matching your vest in front of the mirror?

Enjoy Fashion!

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