Long-sleeved T-shirts rank up the casual coordinate!

Long-sleeved T-shirts rank up the casual coordinate!

Long-sleeved T-shirts" can be used for mature and beautiful outfits

The long-sleeved T-shirt, also known as the long T-shirt, can be used to create a mature and beautiful look because it exposes less skin than the short-sleeved T-shirt.
It looks great alone with bottoms as the main top of a coordinate, and it also shows its potential for creating a three-dimensional upper body by layering it with short-sleeved items.

In this issue, we introduce tips on how to wear "long-sleeved T-shirts" and men's coordinates that can be used as a reference!

Coordinate ①: Choose the size of the long-sleeved T-shirt according to the taste of the coordination.

If you are aiming for a trendy look with "long -sleeved T-shirts," we recommend choosing a relaxed, oversized look with a roomy size to create a relaxed feel.
By having a relaxed, loose look with a large neckline opening, you can create a relaxed impression. Oversized without being overdone, it is easy to match with slim pants.

A black "long-sleeved T-shirt" with a moderately loose silhouette creates a relaxed feel, combined with two-tuck wide pants and leather sandals, gives both a cool and masculine look to your summer outfit.
The simple coordination is accented with sunglasses around the neck, creating a look that subtly expresses individuality.

Coordination 2: Long-sleeved T-shirts allow you to enjoy layered styles to the fullest!

One of the main attractions of long-sleeved T-shirts is that they can be layered with short-sleeved shirts and short-sleeved T-shirts.
By incorporating solid colors, patterns, logos, and lettered patterns, a three-dimensional and expressive coordination can be completed.

The color of the " long-sleeved T-shirt" you choose for the inner layer should be the opposite color of the shirt you are layering. If you are going to go to the trouble of layering, you want to make the layered clothing stand out.
Also, the white of the long-sleeved T-shirt against the black base of this coordination is fresh and fresh, so it does not look heavy even at this time of the year.

Coordination 3: "Long-sleeved T-shirt" with a jacket over the shoulder and fresh blue jeans

The classic white long-sleeved T-shirt with a BEER GREEN leather jacket draped over the shoulders.
The lower half of the body is a rock-inspired casual coordinate with straight-fit jeans in an eye-catching fresh blue color and rider's boots.
While using blue as the main color, this coordination highlights the individuality of the wearer with its exquisite balance and calculated tight fitting.

In the coming autumn season, "long-sleeved T-shirts" should be incorporated into the coordination as soon as possible. In particular, by pointing to bright colors in the innerwear, we want to show that we are adopting the next season while creating a fresh look.

Enjoy Fashion!

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