Autumn blouson coordination using the new brown khaki "CRANK".

Autumn blouson coordination using the new brown khaki "CRANK".

CRANK" outerwear in brown khaki that creates a calm and mature atmosphere

The brown kh aki outerwear " CRANK " creates a calm and mature atmosphere with its nature-inspired colors such as wood and earth.
It is also attractive in that it goes well with basic men's colors such as monotone, navy, and brown, and is easy to wear.

In this issue, we introduce an autumn blouson coordination using the new brown khaki "CRANK"!

Coordination 1: Brown outerwear in a classy suede leather blouson for a beautiful coordinate

CRANK", a blouson in horse suede, is one of the most elegant brown outerwear, and is perfect for adding a subtle masculine touch to a clean coordinate.

The blouson is paired with a pair of cargo pants that have just the right amount of room and a dull ash-colored long T-shirt that serves as a bridge between the horse-suede blouson and the tonal cargo pants.

While contrasting the clean and elegant impression of the blouson "CRANK" with the masculine cargo pants, the khaki bottoms, which are in tune with the material and color of the suede leather blouson, give the styling a sense of unity.
The blouson with a generously opened front is also a good choice, controlling the presentation of the dull-colored ash long T as an inner layer while restraining the sense of thick-bonedness.

Coordination 2: Black innerwear and bottoms, which form the axis of the black and brown coordinate

If you want to wear brown khaki outerwear in a modern way, it is a good idea to combine the innerwear and bottoms, which form the axis of the coordinate, in black to express a black and brown khaki look.
By tightening the impression of the styling from the inside and accentuating the contrast with the black top and bottom, which are shrinking and receding colors, the presence of the brown khaki blouson will be emphasized and the look will be smartly finished.

Of course, you can also use other color items to add a hint of fun and accentuate the look, but if you want to raise the level of stylishness and mode, focus on black and brown khaki and use only two or three colors to achieve a chic look.

Enjoy Fashion!

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