Autumn leather jacket coordination using the new horse suede "JOEY".

Autumn leather jacket coordination using the new horse suede "JOEY".

STRUM's only American brand "JOEY" is now available in horse suede brown khaki!

The brand's only American clothing item ``JOEY'' has been released in a new horse suede color, khaki brown.
The colors and atmosphere are perfect for the onset of autumn.

This time, we will introduce an autumn leather jacket coordination using the new horse suede "JOEY" !

Coordination 1: A double rider style suede leather jacket with a subdued ruggedness can be used for a beautiful outfit.

A double rider's jacket made of leather is a typical example of rugged leather outerwear, but if the material is suede, the impression changes completely. The gorgeous impression of double riders remains the same, but it changes to a more beautiful image.

Brown khaki is a color that is easy to create the beginning of autumn, and it also has a seasonal feel.

It fits effortlessly with slacks, casual pants, and sporty easy pants, and you can wear it with skinny denim like in this outfit without looking stylish and childish.
The trick to creating a stylish and fashionable atmosphere is to coordinate your outfit using two to three colors .

Coordination 2: A classic coordination with regular straight and American style suede riders.

Regular straight blue denim with American-style suede riders ``JOEY.'' It might just look like regular straight denim with a white T- shirt and a classic American casual, but the mismatched feeling of pairing it with suede riders that have a delicate and classy look that has been carefully covered with paper is new!

We calculated the appropriate amount of room for the inner white T- shirt and the amount that comes out from the hem, chose suede boots to link with the outerwear, and the jeans have a slightly tight silhouette of 28 inches, giving a youthful atmosphere. The ruggedness is moderately reduced. The style is styled with an American casual atmosphere, and the style is soft.


Enjoy Fashion!

Model: 178cm/60kg







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