Coordinating leather jacket with minimalist single rider "JUDE

Coordinating leather jacket with minimalist single rider "JUDE

Suede leather with a rich and classy look that is different from surface leather

The richness and elegance that emanates from the delicate, brushed look of leather gives suede outerwear a fashionable look that is different from the rugged surface leather.

This time, we will introduce the coordination using "JUDE" in horse suede!

Coordination 1: Match the colors of the suede single riders, leather cap and suede boots to create a casual mix of coordinates.

Coordinates with "JUDE" with the front zipper open to show off the front, black innerwear, BOXY IGGY bottoms with shiny design gimmick, and suede boots.

The suede single rider jacket "JUDE", suede leather cap and suede boots are all black and made of suede, creating a casual mix.

The single rider "JUDE," leather cap, leather boots, and suede give the outfit a mature and subtle atmosphere, making it a mix of beautiful and casual without making it childish.

One thing to keep in mind is to use a consistent color scheme.
In this case, the color scheme is black, and all items except for the leather jacket are casual.

Coordination #2: Refresh the impression with navy items, rather than using too many similar colors in the coordination.

The minimalistic impression of "JUDE" is a key point in how to land on a fresh styling while making the most of its calm and mature atmosphere. If the entire coordinate is put together with only items of similar colors that go well together, it may result in a coordinate that lacks freshness, so care must be taken.

An effective way to deal with this is to incorporate navy items, one of the basic colors in men's fashion.

The denim shirt used as an inner layer is a rigid navy blue insert, and the bottoms are a one-tone navy one-wash coordinate.
The intellectual and clean image of navy is maintained, and the styling is refreshed while retaining a mature look.

Enjoy Fashion!

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