Burning dyed in new color STEEL BLACK, coordination using new model "LIST".

Burning dyed in new color STEEL BLACK, coordination using new model "LIST".

Leather jackets are representative of autumn and winter outerwear

Leather jackets, with their hard looks, heavy weight, and rugged masculinity, are representative of autumn/winter outerwear.
This time, we introduce the coordination using " LIST," a new model in a new color from Burning dyed, which is also the face of STRUM!

Coordination 1: Wear the leather jacket "LIST" with the addictive coveralls for a beautiful look.

Coveralls, which originated from mechanics' work clothes, are synonymous with a tough, burly, masculine work style, and are a perfect match for a leather jacket like Burningdyed 's "LIST".

However, for this coordination, the unwashed rigid coveralls are worn with a less work-oriented look, creating a beautiful adult styling.

The most important point is that the new STEEL BLACK color is matched with tone-matched rigid denim. If the denim is not faded, it will look more mature, and if it is washed and faded, it will look more casual.
The light-weight 6oz fabric is also a good choice.
And it is important to choose a moderate size.

Coordination 2: Use a brightly colored long T as innerwear to inject freshness into the leather jacket men's coordinate.

A standard technique for adding a sense of coziness while controlling the martial spirit of the double riders is to layer them with a rough cut-and-sewn or sweatshirt.
In this coordination, a brightly colored long T is used as an inner layer.

The combination of the exquisitely colored STEEL BLACK "LIST" double rider, long T, and rough sweatpants injects youthfulness and freshness into the edgy styling.

The key to reducing the sense of kime is to add accessories with a casual feel to the coordination.
The inner long T-shirt, leather cap with the same taste as the sweatpants, and sneakers on the feet create a nice relaxed look.

Enjoy Fashion!

Model: 178cm/60kg



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