A new steer hide "M .VINCENTS" is released from the pit-tanned series!

A new steer hide "M .VINCENTS" is released from the pit-tanned series!

new series "full tannin pit tanned shrink steerhide

M . VINCENTS " is a new steerhide from the "pit-tanned" series, which is becoming the "face" of STRUM.

Characteristics Leather Features MODEL FITTING FittingFITTING Aging and ageing!

Full tannin Pit-tanning Full tannin pit-tanned The leather is pit-tanned in Japan for about 3 months in a pit tank, and then it is fully tanned in Japan.

: Full tannin tanned leather soaked in a pit tank for as long as 3 months in Japan.

Pit-tanned leather Pit-tanning Full tanning is a process in which the leather is tanned for a long time in a pit tank, which is like a huge bath filled with tannin.

The tanning process is a long time tanning process using a pit tank, which looks like a huge bath filled with tannin.

Shrink Shrink Pit-tanning, dyeing, and heat shrinking to half the normal size. The original thickness of the leather is 3mm, which gives the leather its natural graininess.

This process gives the leather a glossy and bony look, making it a leather that is worth growing.

Characteristics of M.VINCENTS】: The addition of a chest pocket gives this model an enhanced design, with the connotation of a mutation.

M. VINCENTS" (M. Vincents ) is the only single-rider with a collar and is slim yet stress-free.

It has a stylish and clean line with a narrow belly that straddles the pockets at the sides and a waist. Gussets are placed at the sides for a range of motion, There are dart accents on the back.

[Fitting Features]: The fitting silhouette and size are unique to this leather.

Where most STRUM is 0.8mm thick, this pit-tanned shrink steerhide is 1.2mm thick.
In English Shrink This leather, which means "Shrink" in English, will also feel dense, thick, and firm to the touch.
It is a little roomier than the normal size of STRUM.

[Aging characteristics.

The texture of the fabric is made by using a ground grain, so each piece has a different look.

The size, shape, and expression change as the wearer's lifestyle and mindset are reflected, and the stains become a taste, making it a one-of-a-kind leather jacket.

The leather is firm at first, but as the wearer puts on the jacket, the luster will increase and it will become more comfortable on the body.

Enjoy Fashion!

Model: 178cm/60kg



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