Coordinates with the new pit-tanned shrink steerhide "JOEY"!

Coordinates with the new pit-tanned shrink steerhide "JOEY"!

Leather jacket is a typical autumn/winter outerwear

Leather jackets, with their hard looks and heavy weight, exude a sturdy masculinity, and are representative of autumn and winter outerwear.

This time, we would like to introduce a new steer hide "JOEY " from the "pit-tanned" series, which is becoming the "face" of STRUM!

Coordinates ①: A cordura hoodie and pants set-up coordinate that makes the steer hide "JOEY" look all the more comfortable!

The pullover hoodie with a unique design that has a turtleneck-like part in the hood and pants made of the same material are all in black, and the hem and hood are flashed from the leather jacket to create a cozy look.
This gives the jacket an air of casual adult wear with an air of forest at once. This is only possible thanks to the texture of the steerhide, which has an extremely grainy appearance and a luster that is full of fibers.

A pullover is a general term for a garment worn over the head with no buttons or zippers at the front or back.

The leather zip-top sneakers on the feet give the leather jacket coordinate a unique look and serve as a link between the set-up coordinate and the leather jacket coordinate.
For a clean and stylish look, use slim bottoms as shown here, and for a rough and loose look, use thicker bottoms.

Coordination 2: The American jacket type "JOEY" is worn with a zip parka and used jeans for a royal American casual style.

Layering with a rough printed T or sweatshirt plays a good role as a technique to give the shrink-staple-hide "JOEY" a cozy look.

In this coordination, the inner rock T and 3D wide used jeans give the American-jean type "JOEY" its original royal roadside American casual style.

A leather cap with patches adds a more casual feel, and the volume of the thick 3D wide pants is balanced out by the rider's boots set on the feet.

Enjoy Fashion!

Model: 178cm/60kg







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