If you want to make the suede long coat "RUST" look seasonal

If you want to make the suede long coat "RUST" look seasonal

Suede long coat that determines the image of the style itself with its massive length

This item not only has a profound and classic image, but also offers a wide range of ways to dress and coordinate, as mix-and-match styles have become the standard these days.

In this issue, we pick up two noteworthy keywords to refer to when dressing in calf suede long coat "RUST" (Rust )!

Keyword 1: Set the center of gravity of the styling higher to avoid the appearance of heaviness.

To wear a long suede coat in a well-balanced way, it is necessary to choose a top that is conscious of drawing the eye upward by layering a brightly colored knit or hoodie.
It is also important to choose bottoms with a clean, vertical silhouette.

If you want to match thicker bottoms such as wide pants, you need to be a little creative. For example, use a belt or drawcord to shape the waist and set the center of gravity higher.

By arranging the look so that the line of sight is slightly higher than the center of the cord axis, it is possible to avoid the heavy look that long coats often cause.

In this coordinate, the upper and lower layers are all blue, a brighter color than the suede long coat, and the shirt is a similar bright white, drawing the eye to the upper and inner layers and avoiding the appearance of heaviness.

Keyword 2: Tighten the coordination with black

One of the means to construct a fashionable long coat outfit is to tighten the black color. By tightening the innerwear, which is the axis of the style, in black in an urban way, the presence of the long coat stands out and a sophisticated coordination can be created. It is also an effective way to dispel the feeling of the spaciousness of a long coat.

This urban monotone style combines a long calf suede coat with a black knit and skinny black jeans. The black knitwear and the white innerwear glimpsed in the all-black outfit create a relaxed atmosphere.

Enjoy Fashion!

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