Leather Special Feature 1: "Full Tannin Pit-Tanned Shrunken Horsehide".

Leather Special Feature 1: "Full Tannin Pit-Tanned Shrunken Horsehide".

STRUM of " FACE " The "full tannin" is the "face" of STRUM, Full tannin Pit-tanning Shrunk Horsehide".

Characteristics of leather Leather Features MODELFitting, change over time and aging!

Full tannin Pit-tanning Shrink Characteristics of horsehide】:It dares to use only horsehide with particularly many scratches, and by shrinking it, the natural grainy texture is accentuated.

The leather is made from only horsehide with a lot of scratches, and is especially scarred.

Pit-tanning Pit-tanning Pit tanning is a method of tanning leather using a pit tank, which looks like a huge bath filled with tannin, for a long time.

The leather is soaked in tannin for a long time, which gives the leather its natural texture, strength and durability.

Shrink Shrink Pit-tanning: After pit-tanning, the leather is dyed and further heat-tanned, shrinking it to half its normal size (from about 2m to 1m), which accentuates its natural texture.

This process combines the scratches of the horsehide with the grain of the shrink to create a rugged and masculine look that is different from the product dyeing.

Features of MODEL】:HI-FLYER

HI-FLYER" incorporates unconventional gimmicks and vintage-inspired details.

Vintage-inspired zippers are studded on both ends, and a zipper pocket with metal parts on both ends is placed on the inside front placket. The chin strap attached to the inside of the upper collar can be used to close the entire front and protect it from the wind.

Model Features]:SLATER

The waist is narrowed with a narrow belly and features a beautiful shape along the body line. The " SLATER" is a standard model of single riders with gussets on the sides for a greater range of motion.

Features of MODEL]:LIST

LIST" (LONG-JAN) is a double riders' jacket based on the LONG-JAN style, with hidden zippers on the chest and waist pockets, emphasizing an adult atmosphere.

This model is finished in an easy-to-wear pattern by minimizing shoulder slopes and back climbs, and by making detailed adjustments in various areas. The chest and waist pockets are concealed from view, and the front and arm zippers are made to stand out, creating an adult atmosphere with a sense of crispness.

The fitting silhouette and size are unique to this leather.

The thickness of this pit-tanned shrink horsehide is 0.9mm, where most of STRUM is 0.8mm thick.

・in English Shrink The leather is also dense, thick, and firm to the touch.

Size: This leather is about half a size larger than the standard JAPAN OIL CALF due to the unique stitching stretching of this leather. about half a size larger than the standard Japan Oil Calf. Size: The leather is about half a size larger than the standard JAPAN OIL CALF.


Because we use horsehide leather, which has many scars, each item has a different appearance, such as original scars, blood streaks, and grains.

The size, shape, and expression of the jacket changes as it reflects the wearer's lifestyle and mindset, and the dirt becomes a taste, making it a one-of-a-kind leather jacket.

Created by elbow expansion and contraction arm wrinkles You can also enjoy your own unique change over time.

The leather is firm at first, but as you wear it, the luster will increase and it will become more comfortable to wear.

Enjoy Fashion!

Model: 178cm/55kg 182cm/65kg



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