Leather Feature 2 "Full Tannin Tanned Japanese Calfskin Burning dyed - Product Burning Dyeing

Leather Feature 2 "Full Tannin Tanned Japanese Calfskin Burning dyed - Product Burning Dyeing

STRUM STRUM's masterpiece Full tannin tanned Japanese calfskin Burning dyed

Characteristics Features of leather MODELFitting, model(type), fitting, ageing and aging!

Burning dyed Characteristic of [Burning dyed]: Burning dyed leather jacket

Japanese calf leather is tanned in Japan.

After the alcohol is burned, the dye is transferred to the alcohol and the reaction causes the dye to change color and burn, giving the leather a unique uneven texture.

The new color STEEL BLACK is dyed twice with a different density of BLACK (Burning dyed), and has a look as if it has been worn from the beginning and has a unique deep and uneven texture.

Features of the MODEL]: SPEEDER

SPEEDER" (speeder) with an eye-catching diagonal pocket and flap belt on the front chest and left arm.

It is a so-called "long john" type with an adjuster type belt on the side and a flap belt to prevent damage to the tank of a motorcycle.
The underarm gussets allow for a wider range of arm motion, and the jacket is designed to be comfortable while maintaining a tight appearance.

This is the brand's most popular NO.1 model among the Burning dyed series, released in the largest number of colors.

Features of MODEL]:LIST

First appearance in 2023-24AW: Based on the Ronjan type, the double riders jacket "LIST " (LIST) emphasizes an adult atmosphere by concealing the zippers on the chest and waist pockets.

This model has an easy-to-wear pattern with minimal shoulder slopes and back climbing, and fine adjustments made in various areas. The chest and waist pockets are concealed from view, and the front and arm zippers are made to stand out, creating a crisp, mature atmosphere.

The fitting silhouette and size are unique to this leather.

The leather is 0.8mm thick and features both a tiger pattern and fine texture unique to calf.
The leather is matte and dry to the touch at first, but becomes glossy and soft as it is used.

It is sometimes lightly dampened before being sprayed with a mixture of highly concentrated alcohol and dye, making it about half a size smaller than the standard JAPAN Oil Calf. It is about half a size smaller than the standard JAPAN Oil Calf.

[Change over time

The best part of product dyeing is that the more it is worn, the more it becomes shiny and tasty, and the more its expression changes.
Burning dyed fabrics in particular have a completely different look depending on the wearer's lifestyle, and will grow into a garment that is uniquely yours.

The color of some parts will become lighter when exposed to ultraviolet rays, while others will become darker when touched with human hand oil (animal oil). The texture of the garment will show various expressions depending on the owner.

Enjoy Fashion!

Model: 178cm/55kg 182cm/65kg



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