What is the best men's coordination for 8°C temperatures?

What is the best men's coordination for 8°C temperatures?

What to wear for a minimum temperature of 8°C?

Days with a temperature of 8°C are surprisingly common from fall to spring. In Tokyo, the minimum temperature reaches 8°C in November and March, which is the change of season, and in January~February, which is the middle of winter, there are many days when the temperature reaches 8°C as the maximum temperature.

In this issue, we will introduce men's coordination on the theme of "What to wear on a day with a temperature of 8 degrees Celsius!

Codes for the lowest temperature of 8 degrees Celsius ( 1): It is hard to fail if you build a cord with a coat as the core!

Coats are a very useful item for days with a minimum temperature of 8 degrees Celsius during the change of seasons, such as early spring and early fall.
If you choose a lightweight calf suede coat as the main axis, and choose innerwear and bottoms according to the day's weather, it is unlikely that you will make a mistake in your outfit. However, since the base coat is the most versatile, basic tailoring and standard colors are preferable.

Coordinate for a maximum temperature of 8°C (82°F) : If you want to stay comfortable, dress warmly!

In January and February, when the maximum temperature reaches 8°C, the minimum temperature may drop below 0°C on some days, making it quite cold. Therefore, heavy outerwear for midwinter such as down jackets and heavy coats are a must.
To be on the safe side, you should also bring items to protect your neck, such as a stole orgloves. If you don't like to wear heavy clothes, a large scarf over a rider's jacket is also stylish.

Coordinate for a high of 8°C (86°F) : Midwinter is the perfect time to practice outerwear-on-outer!

Outerwear-on-outer is, as the name suggests, dressing by layering outerwear on top of outerwear. It is known as a common fashionable technique, and along with the oversized trend of the past few years, layering outerwear has also become a standard.
Such a technique is perfect on a day with a high temperature of 8 degrees Celsius. You can wear a wool fishtail coat and a rider, or a suede coat and a denim jacket, as shown here, and try to differentiate yourself by wearing outerwear on outerwear.

Enjoy Fashion!

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