Black boots are a reliable item for men's winter outfits!

Black boots are a reliable item for men's winter outfits!

It also has the potential to balance out your winter look and give a strong impression.

The black boots have a form that has a strong presence among many shoes. Black boots are one of the most popular shoes among all shoes.
They are also a good match for the trendy wide pants and baggy jeans, as well as the standard slim pants, and they have the potential to balance and tighten the impression of winter coordination, which tends to be voluminous due to the layering of warm outerwear and thicker clothes.

In this issue, we focus on "black boots" and introduce recommended coordinates!

Coordinates ①: Roll up to change the look of the coordination

Black boots come in a wide variety of styles. There are a wide variety of black boots, but all of them have one thing in common: they are more eloquently masculine than any other type of footwear, while at the same time offering a cool style boost.

If you don't like the silhouette of the cushioning that accumulates at the bottom of the pants, we recommend rolling them up as shown in this coordination.
By adjusting the length of the pants to make the silhouette of the high boots look more attractive, the overall impression of the coordination can be instantly tightened. The optimal width and number of roll-ups depends on the silhouette and material of the pants, so try to find the ideal width and length in front of a mirror.

Coordination2: Accentuate the feet with a boot-in look

Many engineer boots have wide openings, so it is easy to enjoy wearing pants with boots in. Since the entire boot is exposed on the outside, you can clearly enjoy the details that are unique to engineer boots. Also, since the boots accentuate the foot and increase the presence of the boots, it is possible to create a coordinated look in which the boots play the leading role.

Coordination ③: Black boots equipped with Vibram soles, creating a bold look on the feet of the men's coordinate

Black boots equipped with Vibram soles like work boots are chosen to give a bold look to the feet of men's winter outfits.

The three-dimensional leather look of the pit full tannin shrink horsehide gives the boots an outstanding presence even when the shaft is hidden by pants, creating a masculine look on the feet. They go perfectly with the trendy full-length wide pants and baggy jeans.

Enjoy Fashion!

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