Men's winter coordination with cardigans!

Men's winter coordination with cardigans!

Cardigans" that can be used as a mid-layer and can also be used as the main outerwear

Cardigans" that can be used as a temperature-controlling mid-layer, on or off the job, and also show their potential as the main outerwear. Cardigans are also suitable for a clean-cut look. From high gauge for a clean look to low gauge with a rough presence, this item offers a variety of expressions depending on the yarn thickness and knitting fabric.

In this issue, we introduce the key points of wearing " cardigans" and their coordination!

Cardigan Coordinate 1: Refresh your winter coordinate with vivid colors by wearing a bright blue cardigan with wide jeans!

The eye-catching blue cardigan is worn as an inner layer with a pair of used 3D wide jeans in a matching shade, and the black engineer boots on the feet give a tightened impression.
The brightly-colored cardigan is used as the innerwear color, adding a splash of color, while the used-processed wide jeans, which are loose and highly neutralizing, blend in well with the styling. The atmosphere of the long coat, which gives off a moderately grungy feeling, is also very good.

These wide pants are also perfect for expressing an immaculately relaxed dressing style while creating a good loose atmosphere. They are useful for balancing a winter coordinate in which thicker clothes such as voluminous winter outerwear, oversized coats, and "cardigans" are the mainstay of the outfit, and a trendy winter look can be completed by matching them with boots equipped with a tough Vibram sole.

Cardigan Coordinate 2: Cardigans are knit outerwear that can be casually woven and are easy to adjust to the temperature.

Cardigans are versatile and can be worn in both dressy and casual outfits, and can be worn in both clean and rough styles depending on the thickness of the yarn and the knitting fabric. They can be worn casually like a jacket, and are versatile as an extra item for temperature control or as an anti-air conditioning item.

In this coordination, the " cardigan" is used as outerwear like a coat. If the warmth of the cardigan is added to the cold- and windproof properties of the leather inner layer, the leather jacket can be worn through the cold winter months.

The charm of the black cardigan is that it goes well with a wide variety of outfits, including mode fashion, not to mention beautiful and casual styles. The color matches a variety of items because it is a staple color of basic wear, and at the same time, the mature yet soft impression of knitwear moderately reduces the sense of being too formal.

Enjoy Fashion!

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